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Theory Problem Statements Research Questions The book presents an initial understanding of research into Public Administration and Public Management The text has been written for undergraduate students in Public Administration and Public Management it also provides guidelines for researchers as well as students active in various related disciplines including legal academics sociologists as well as political scientists The book is meant to be a practical guide towards conducting research using scientific tools and methods Its contents are divided into chapters based on the related stages of the research process All studies start out with the formulation of research problems and this is well presented in the research introduction which discusses the specific features of studies in public management including research in emergency management and policy van Thiel 2007 The aims of the study including its outline are also presented in the book The second chapter presents the research problem along with the process of selecting and formulating the research problem including the development of research aims including the research question van Thiel 2007 

The third chapter covers the theoretical framework of research and how it is developed in emergency management research The empirical cycle is also presented including a clear and detailed definition and presentation of theory the philosophies of science and the functions of public administration research van Thiel 2007 Chapter four covers a discussion on operationalization and its application in three steps This chapter also presents sampling how it is used how it is applied and the best methods to apply in emergency management research van Thiel 2007 The value of reliability as well as validity in emergency management research is also presented mostly in the context of ensuring that studies would be reliable and valid for the purpose they have been carried out This book does provide valuable information on how researchers can ensure that they can ensure the feasibility of their study the author provides specific and sufficient details to ensure such feasibility van Thiel 2007 As soon as the main goals of the study have been set and the research questions have been developed the foundation of the research are already available for the rest of the study The way by which the study is presented is significant in understanding the next steps of research van Thiel 2007 The theoretical elements are smartly and completely presented in Chapter three and this is also an important aspect of research as selecting the theory of the study would provide a clear picture of what the main research subject is all about

The steps of research are carefully indicated in chapter four and these are crucial steps to understand and master A clear set up for each chapter is indicated especially in terms of the stages of the research van Thiel 2007 There are also text boxes in order to provide data on special topics as well as related techniques of research Related studies are also indicated at the end of the literature in order to provide more reading for those interested Special exercises are also included in order to help students practice before applying their learning Research in emergency management is important because it helps in the formulation of new and more responsive policies in emergency management Research helps ensure that the tools and methods being applied in emergency management are responsive to the needs of emergency management and that these tools and methods are efficient and cost effective It also provides directions in emergency management especially in terms of new ways by which emergency services can be made faster and more responsive to the growing and the more complicated needs of the general population The problem statement provides the foundations for the rest of the research van Thiel 2007 p 12 It also highlights specifically the subject matter of research and how it would be studied In emergency management the subject matter of research may refer to any aspect or tool including any practice in emergency management which needs further review or assessment 

The research question refers to the questions which the research seeks to answer it also relates to the aims of the research van Thiel 2007 Both research problem and questions seeks to provide a clear direction to the study they seek to provide a basis upon which other aspects of the research can be directed and guided to Theory describes and defines something an object event or circumstance and how it comes about or comes into being van Thiel 2007 Theory in emergency management relates to how a practice circumstance or object in emergency management has come about and has come into being It also provides a possible explanation of how a practice in emergency management often unfolds in a specific way and how it can be changed using other theoretical frameworks Operationalization refers to the transition from theory into empirical research van Thiel 2007 It traces how something which is only in theory originally or something in paper which is only explained using concepts and words reaches a point of acceptance and good practice to the point where it becomes a universally accepted fact

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