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The Boston Massacre was a very important event in our history that happened on March 5 1770 The Boston Massacre took place in Boston Massachusetts Even though they called it the Boston Massacre they only called it that because of the five innocent people that died that day This event in our history wasn t called The Boston Massacre until much later after it had already happened The first popular name popularized by Paul Revere was The Bloody Massacre in King Street Boston Massacre Historical Society On that same day before this event happened someone posted a handbill ostensibly from the British soldiers promising that they were determined to defend themselves Boston Massacre Encyclopaedia Britannica A squad of British soldiers came to support a sentry who was being pressed by a heckling snowballing crowd let loose of valley shots Boston Massacre History The British soldiers were unwelcome there British troops had been billeted in Boston in October 1768 after repeated request from British customs officials who had been harassed and intimidated because of their efforts to enforce the Townshend Acts Boston Massacre History This started a disagreement between both the soldiers and the citizens One of the soldiers started shooting his weapon into the crowd out of fear After that specific soldier fired his weapon this seemed to let a chain reaction go on with the other soldiers 

The British soldiers thought that when they heard the shot from the soldier that was the command to start to fire their weapons in the crowd Boston Massacre Encyclopaedia Britannica When the massacre was over they found out that three men were killed immediately Two other people later died from their injuries The officer in charge was Captain Thomas Preston Captain Thomas Preston was a British soldier He was arrested and charged with manslaughter Thomas s eight other men were also arrested alongside him Since he was an officer he had a separate trial from the other soldiers The trial lasted between October 24 1770 all the way to October 30 1770 The future president John Adams help out Thomas during his own trial The charges he faced were later dropped Captain Thomas Preston left Boston and eventually returned back to England The defense was able to prove that Preston did not give the order for the troops to fire Boston Massacre Historical Society But two soldiers were convicted of manslaughter After the trials both Montgomery and Kilroy were sentenced execution on December 14 1770 Suffolk County Sheriff Stephen Greenleaf branded Kilroy and Montgomery on the right thumb with an M for murder The brand was to prevent them from ever being able to invoke the benefit of clergy again Boston Massacre Historical Society All the soldiers that were accused were Corporal William Wemms James Hartigan William McCauley Hugh White Matthew Kilroy William Warren John Carrol and Hugh Montgomery Boston Massacre Historical Society One of the first people to die from the Boston Massacre was Crispus Attucks He was the first man to die Crispus Attucks was in the front of the line

There were close to 50 patriots that had all sorts of weapons ready to use at any moment Some of the weapons were clubs sticks and snowballs Then someone yelled fire and Crispus Attuck died immediately Boston Massacre Historical Society Another person that died was James Caldwell James was only seventeen years old when he died during the massacre He died alongside Crispus Attuck Since both Crispus Attuck and James Caldwell were not born in Boston they came by boat James didn t have his family there They only reason why they know this is because that both James and Crispus body s were placed in the Faneuil Hall instead of a family home The third person that died during the Boston Massacre was also seventeen years old like James Caldwell His name is Samuel Maverick Samuel was at the Customs House and he died that night Samuel wasn t part of the mob that night According to the court papers private Matthew Kilroy was charged with the murder of Samuel Maverick who was mortally wounded in the shooting A ball went through his belly and was cut out at his back Boston Massacre Historical Society The next person that died in the Boston Massacre was Samuel Gray Samuel Gray was a rope maker that worked at the John Gray s Ropeworks A couple of days prior to the massacre the rope makers and the British soldiers were having an ongoing fight with each other

The last person that died in the Boston Massacre was Patrick Carr Patrick was wounded during the massacre and died nine days later after he was shot While he was still alive in those nine days he talked about the event that happened that day Everyone was shocked because they were not expecting to hear the things he talked about from him Patrick was one of the victims that did not blame the soldiers for their actions The reason why he did not blame that British soldier that hit him because he thought that that soldier did it in self defense The last person that was a victim of the Boston Massacre was Christopher Monk Most people do not consider Christopher as a victim because he died ten year later He died almost ten years on the same date he was wounded He died on April 20 1780 When Christopher was shot he was also seventeen years old like James Caldwell and Samuel Maverick Even during the hardships of difficult economic situation caused by the Britain s taxation of American colonies Bostonians did not abandon the victim and year after year collected substantial amounts donations to support Monk s through his disability Boston Massacre Historical Society

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