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Summer Sanctum The calm emerald waters reflect the glittering Florida sunshine on my face like a warm greeting Intoxicating scents of salt and sea spray dance through the humid air in ribbons Flourishing greenery blankets the small concrete cottages and lines the walls of alleyways in the bustling tropical city This hideaway is a perfect combination of lush foliage and open crystal oceans all united by the ocean lovers of different nations and cultures I was born in Virginia but The Florida Keys keep a piece of my heart behind lock and key When June comes around my energy begins to increase I become more motivated to get my work done and positive thoughts fill my mind There is a simple explanation the trip to Florida Each year the car is packed full and we mentally prepare ourselves for the 16 hour car ride south Upon arrival my energy is at its peak and the feeling of the warm tropical earth under my feet is electrifying The choice of housing for our week has always been a small cottage close to the ocean but not too far from the city Each house in The Keys is colorful sculpted of concrete and contains the necessities cozy beds for recharging from the sun quaint kitchens for preparing beach snacks and patios for sipping coffee during sunrise While the homes are cozy the city is exotic 

The streets are lined with towering silver palms banana trees and tropical blooms The animals are far from the norm chickens roam free iguanas are to Florida as squirrels are to Virginia and parrots float above in a variety of bright colors There are people of every ethnicity and culture walking the streets celebrating life The focus of these islands is not fancy television screens or gaming systems but the healing sunshine endless ocean and tropical greenery After unpacking comes the first visit to the shore the moment I look forward to most It is almost like charging a drained tired battery I walk a quiet green nature trail that expands into sparkling emerald and white powder in every direction My mind is at ease knowing I have seven days to indulge and heal Mid summer healing takes full effect by my third day of tropical therapy The escape from reality always flips my mental switch on to positive Amongst meeting new people listening to different languages and wandering the streets of Key West

I always come back to the sea I spend hours each day staring out at the small wakes and allowing the sea to send its energy to me The ocean has not only physical healing power but powerful mental and spiritual remedies Throughout my years visiting vast blue companion I have noticed it s true power and our spiritual connection When I return home from The Keys I feel at peace and one with my thoughts My mind is de cluttered thoughts organized and I am ready to continue on with my busy life This is not a new discovery the Greeks have been calling this sense of calm water cure for years N Tolley 2015 Throughout history water has been a mystery wanting to be cracked by humans but Naomi Tolley interviewed a man that thinks the connection may be stronger than we know Recovering alcoholic Adam Royal believes there are psychological benefits for visiting the ocean and it can treat a range of ailments N Tolley 2015 I am not alone in believing some humans can develop a spiritual connection with the ocean myself being one of them Growing up an ocean baby has not been the easiest 

At age two I was shown the wonders of the coastline and as I grew I craved it more and more Living in Virginia and having cravings for a tropical sea was difficult It often was a cause of my depression in the winter months The lack of sun and cold weather cause my mind to sink into a dark place and that is not who I am I felt as if I was trapped in a small town suburban public school based nightmare I would dream at night and focus on being at the warm water s edge but I awaken upset and in a bad mental state The inability to visit the ocean would hinder my positive spirit and make me think negatively about all aspects of life As time went on I realized that is the best part The feeling of longing for my tropical escape would always end with a reward If it were a permanent place to live the magic of visiting would cease to exist The Florida Keys have shaped the way that I think and process life Those long drives and brief visits are what motivate me as the year cycles through I look forward to reconnecting with the ocean and allowing it to cleanse my mind body and soul I put 100 of myself into my work knowing that I will reunite with the tropics It reminds me that everyone needs an escape from reality a getaway a treat once in a while to feel whole again My heart belongs to the healing serenity of Floridian waters My visits have created a schedule for my yearly therapy session with the changing tides My body craves the salty water and cleansing sand as the year passes through Time ticks and counts down the days until I am reunited with the other half of my heart The sea reminds me that not everyone is perfect and life can get overwhelming so allow some rest and rejuvenation Whether one is a mother father CEO president or student everyone needs an escape from the reality of everyday life Life is meant to be filled with things that heal and those that are close to my heart The Florida Keys

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