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The career that I have been researching is a Dental Hygienist this career really interests me because I think that it has many of the qualities that I would like in a career In the online quiz that I took it was also one of the careers that was chosen in which it would be a good career choice for me I think that this career really interests me because it was something that i was already thinking about doing and taking that quiz really help me to to decide to look closer into it I have found very interesting things over this career the more I look into it I have really liked a lot of things about this career and it does have many good qualities In this career most of the workers in this field are females 95 9 of Dental hygienists are Female making them the more common gender in the occupation Census Bureau Which is 170 28 more female workforce than male which is 7 312 male workforce To me it does not make any difference if its a field of more females or males I would still go into this career field because it's something that I'm interested in and it does not make any difference if it's a field of more female or male In the dental hygienist field the median annual Dental Hygienist salary is 70 822 as of January 02 2018 with the range usually between 60 790 80 615 however this can widely depending on a variety of factors HR Reported data as of January 02 2018

The hourly wage is 34 as of January 2 2018 the range hourly wage is usually between 29 to 39 This is what a dental hygienist is expected to earn in this field To become a dental hygienist one could live anywhere they wanted to but some of the best places to that have better pay and the field is much bigger would be Maryland the state ranks seventh in the ratio of dental hygiene schools to overall population and the average income is 74 780 New York California and florida Mark Hartley In the field of dental hygienists the job is very secure According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics employment of dental hygienists is expected to increase by 38 percent between 2010 and 2020 considerably faster than average Plus dental hygienists will always be in demand because people will always need their teeth to be cleaned Carrington Some dental hygienists do become members of an association according to the article ADHA strong Why members stand behind national dental hygiene association Sixty one percent of members of the American Dental Hygienists Association ADHA believe the national dental hygiene association addresses issues that are relevant to dental hygienists careers Mark Hartley The employment rate for dental hygienists has been growing very repeatedly and their are certain industries were the employ more of dental hygienists According to the article DATAUSA Dental Hygienists The number of people employed as Dental hygienists has been growing at a rate of 10 3 from 160 941 people in 2014 to 177 580 people in 2015 Dental hygienists employed by various industries Offices of dentists employs the largest share of Dental hygienists at 96 5 followed by Outpatient care centers with 1 06 and Colleges universities professional schools including junior colleges with 0 55 Census Bureau

 If one was to become a dental hygienist you have the option to join a union or not If one would want to join a union the ADHA is the largest professional organization representing the interests of dental hygienists on a national state and local level About ADHA I have also found many options from dental hygienist themselves that can be very helpful to me Their opinions about this job can be helpful because they show me want I would be expecting if I did decide to go into the field of dental hygiene One of the dental hygienist talked about a typical day in their field of work we typically start seeing patients at 8 in the morning and see an average of eight to 12 patients a day Procedures vary from general cleanings and periodontal scaling which is more in depth cleaning to working on children and providing oral hygiene education One dental hygienist said I personally deal with them in an understanding calm and compassionate way Empathy is huge another said I wish I knew what a personal attachment you end up having with each patient and their family and history They don't teach that but hygienists really become part of their patient s life Interview with Dental Hygienist Julie Spaans In my research I have found many useful information that I did not know it is very useful because it helps me get a better understanding of what comes with becoming a dental hygienist It also provides one with useful information such as salary turnover rate for this career options from dental hygienists themselves and where there is a higher demand for dental hygienist It is all useful because it helps with deciding if this is the right career field for me and it and gives me more in depth information in this career During my period of research I have found that this is the career that I want to go into and it does have many qualities that I look for in a career and that matches my personality

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