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By this part of the paper The case studies of redeveloped and new projects are being analyzed to recognize the benefits of integrate green wall and buildings as an approach to energy saving and reduction of heat island effect in addition to other environmental benefits Consorcio Santiago Offices 1993 An outstanding example of this new vision for intelligent building envelopes is shown in 1993s Consorcio Vida building in Santiago Chile designed by Enrique Browne and Borja Huidobro One of the main distinguishing characteristics of the project is the use of dynamic shading presented by deciduous vines that grow to almost the full size of the West facade They were conceived as a vertical garden sixteen stories high Fig 2 7 adding a green region that contributes to improve the environmental quality of the zone On the contrary the conventional buildings where their image crumbles during the years this solution presents the building with an always changing standard with temporary validity According to Browne architecture and vegetation are fused together turning the latter into a construction material keeping the building relevant for an undefined time Arqa2011 The color and density of the vines change according to the seasons adjusting solar light that comes into the office spaces In turn this also aids to save energy on heating cooling and lighting providing a better working place They also create a moisture microclimate in the dry Santiago valley where it is located Fig 2 8 Vegetation is also used in the lower floors in the form of full grown trees to provide shade to pedestrians and protect the facade of lower floors Senott2004 

The green wall on the Western side of the office building presents a gap between the vegetation and the glass of the office building The vegetation wall and curtain wall is called a double facade The double facade allows for hot air to keep the building cool The green wall also presents an interesting view for an office which is a green forest instead of outside buildings General Services Administration Renovation The renewing project is an existing Edith Green Wendell Wyatt Federal Building in Portland Oregon It was built in 1975 at 18 stories and established of concrete and glass The vertical fins shade the western facade in the spring and summer and in the winter the plants go away and warm the building says Bob Peck commissioner of public buildings for the G S A 52 The architects of Cutler Anderson say captured rainwater from the roof and grey water from the interior plumbing can be possibilities to irrigate the green facade G S A said that the building will use 60 65 percent less energy than comparable buildings and estimates a savings of 280 000 annually 53 Solar panels low flow fixtures and energy efficient lighting will add to the energy savings 

The building was capable of affording renovation work through the federal stimulus package that placed emphasis on continuous projects The building is the greatest project in Oregon However some have the opposite to the project such as Senator John McCain and Tom Coburn who criticized the cost of the project as one of the worst stimulus financed projects Their views are short sighted since energy efficiency is something that will pay for itself throughout the lifespan of the building The renewing project is expected to be completed in 2013 SERA Architects are overseeing the project Donald Eggleston president of SERA Architects said landscaping experts are looking into which vines and cover plants will endure Portland's weather at varying heights 54 Fukuoka Prefectural International Hall The building establishes on 3 4 acres in the heart of downtown business district in Fukuoka Japan The location is sited right next to Tenjin Central Park beside the river Local citizens were concerned over the building turning into a large block The community wanted the site to turn into an extension of the standing park right next to it However the city wanted to follow a strict development plan which called for a multifunctional facility

The project was commissioned to Argentine architect Emilio Ambasz who successfully gathered a public park with a mixed use building He extended the park building fifteen terraced landscape gardens A person walking in the park could easily walk up the stairs of the building and not even notice they are on the building The building offers a 2 000 seat theater international conference center an event hall for 1 000 people an international trade information center an industrial exhibition center and 430 000 SF of office and retail spaces The building is 14 floors above ground and 4 floors below ground The structure was built in 1994 The structure is steel framed with reinforced concrete Checklist of design considerations It is important that there is a discussion at the onset of design as one design consideration from an architectural view may affect the landscape architect landscape contractor horticulturalist landscape maintenance contractor The paper could through conducting a deep theoretical review to define checklist of design considerations for Green walls which play an important role in the development of high density areas in a appropriated way for the Egyptian society

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