Essay Example on The Challenger On January 28 1986 millions of viewers gathered Around








The Challenger On January 28 1986 millions of viewers gathered around the television as they anticipated the lift off of the Challenger s tenth flight Yet the life changing day that Americans had been so eager to watch transformed into a catastrophic event that millions would watch as the disaster unveiled on live television The Challenger Explosion is infamously known as the horrific astronomical disaster that undeniably shocked the nation The disastrous failure that shook the nation was not only a devastation that saddened the people but it was also the turning point that would forever influence NASA and other astronomical organization programs Howell The Challenger Explosion sparked not only outcries from the public for an increase of safety procedure especially for astronauts but also for higher precaution with calculations Despite the devastating outcome of the Challenger Explosion the memorable event still has its benefits as it brought awareness and vital attention to the flight safeties The space shuttle Challenger also known as STA 099 was prominent in NASA s or The National Aeronautics and Space Administration history as it had been successful in reaching outer space nine times prior to 1986 Howell In fact it was NASA's second space shuttle to enter service and had also embarked its maiden voyage on April 4 1983 History com This particular space shuttle was intentionally built to be a test vehicle that had passed at least 11 months of testing by 1979 NASA would then make the Challenger an official spaceship Howell Preceding the accident the Challenger did have its memorable moments Howell

Although the Challenger had its past impressionable achievements the one thing that made the 10th journey so different was the special appearance of an ordinary civilian Unlike any other programs NASA had conducted a nationwide competition to go on the Challenger mission and also guaranteed to broadcast two lessons from space to students throughout the US Workman The winner of this contest Christa McAuliffe was a high school social studies teacher from Concord New Hampshire History com It was because of this contest and the unfamiliar accompaniment in the space shuttle that had caused millions of students and families at home to anticipate this lift off When the shuttle had gone off 10 miles out from the platform in 73 seconds later not one of those viewers would have expected a shocking explosion that would shake confidence in NASA After the explosion and the tragic deaths of the seven crew members investigations were done in order to find the primary cause for the reasons behind the accident One thing that was discovered to have played a key role in the failed lift off was the low temperatures and the effect it had with the rubber O rings that sealed the joints of the shuttle's solid rocket boosters History com After being warned multiple times by the engineers that erosion on the O ring seals had been an issue before and that unusually cold temperatures could only worsen the situation the project managers still disregarded this Workman Instead Larry Mully the NASA project manager at the time had said that the recommendation that we they wait until 54 degrees before they launch Workman This was a detrimental decision because the loose O rings had eventually opened which then released a plume of exhaust to leak out Tate Consequently different hot gases bathed the hull of the cold external tank full of liquid oxygen and hydrogen until the tank ruptured Tate What had been such a careless little error to the project managers became the sole reason for taking the seven lives in the shuttle Although this horrific explosion remains as one of the worst accidents to have occurred with American space programs there are still beneficial lessons acquired from the mistakes made

To start off the Challenger explosion opened the eyes of engineers of just how important the smallest calculations can be If it had not been for the foolish oblivious mistake of approving the lift off when in fact there were precautions portending a catastrophe the Challenger s 10th journey could have been momentous Furthermore it also stressed the need for more testing in order to preserve safety In fact astronauts were pulled off of duties such as repairing satellites and the Manned Maneuvering Unit was not flown again to encourage safeness Howell The explosion is not only known as a dark tragedy but also an eye opener for future shuttles The Challenger today is still remembered as the incredible rocket ship that sadly exploded and took the lives of the whole crew In order to honor the brave crew NASA pursues to remember the last crew of the Challenger and the other crews lost in pursuing space on a NASA Day of Remembrance Howell As devastating of an accident it was it did however give the nation the ability to look past the bad and learn from the mistakes made in order to better the future

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