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The Civil Rights movement was an important event in our history that started after WWII Some may even say that it started earlier The United States took the biggest turn on the civil road with the Supreme Court ruling in Brown s case against the Education Board This ruling started the movement that forged the new era in america Once this movement began it did not stop there was no return back and Martin Luther King Jr realized this while Malcolm X did not He spoke about what they wanted but always through peaceful tactics Martin Luther King s philosophy was more logical for America in the 1960s because was more influential and powerful and it showed equality and unity which was the goal overall Although Martin Luther King Jr and Malcolm X seem to have mutual respect and warmth as shown in the picture of their only meeting their philosophies were quite different from each other Document 1 Malcolm X explained that he believed that blacks and whites should remain separate but should be equal and respect each other He told whites to work side by side with us each of us working among us Document 3

Martin Luther King Jr on the other hand constantly prefers equality and abstraction from discrimination He wants all people to work together We will be able to work together pray together struggle together go to jail together climb for freedom together knowing that we will be free one day he said in a speech Document 2 It is clear that Malcolm X s ideas weren t effective because there is no equality in separation and it had never worked before By 1960 Blacks were already in former white schools but instead Malcolm wanted blacks undo this and make their own separate educational places document 5 Martin Luther King s philosophy was perfect at that time because it pushed America further forward in apartheid Martin Luther King Jr and Malcolm X had conflicting views when they came down to how they wanted to fight the civil rights movement The king took the nonviolent course while Malcolm X led his way down the violent road The king believed that blacks should not cooperate with evil and march and boycott were the arsenal of nonviolent document F He believed that violence increased hatred and that it was a spiral that led nowhere it did not solve any problems document J He even considered the violence but then said in case of a violent revolution we will be much more American Negro has no alternative to nonviolence document

L Martin Luther King Jr strongly believes in the power of love to hate He knew that blacks could bear all the pain and suffering inflicted by whites and that whites would grow close to their ability to suffer He thought he could appeal to the hearts of the white people document H which was exactly what was good for the nation at that time and peace Malcolm X believed the exact opposite of Martin Luther King Jr and he wanted the Negroes to fight He wanted the white people to suffer from the way the black people did He believed that white people only have one language blood and brutality and the only way to get them to listen is to speak with them in their own language the first document Malcolm X was not really afraid what white people might do to him He went against nonviolence but agreed that they needed peace He wanted revenge on the whites who were causing them harm He believed that blacks should protect themselves by any means necessary when attacked by racists Document K 

This would increase the bloodshed and injuries on both sides which was bad for the growing nation in the 1960s While both of these men preach equality one preached unity while the other preached separate gender equality Malcolm X believes that boycotting and marching will not help equality He believed that blacks need to stop spending money in white communities and begin to spend money in their communities so that they can build their own economy document G Martin Luther King wanted unity with the white people He wanted them to be together equally brother and sister family Chapter and education especially wanted to be his past so that their future can burn bright Document D This view was good and healthy A vision America needs in the 1960s instead of blood and bodies everywhere Malcolm X believes that the reason they were fighting for was never resolved The problem that I tried to fix was not fixed because people would always look down on the Negroes and make an example of them document CE However the problem was not solved and it worked very well Things in the 1960s were bad making it clear that Martin Luther King s philosophies made it better to use America in

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