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The client University of Northampton came out with the proposal to relocate and build a new campus within the Northampton Waterside Enterprise Zone The aim is to create a worldwide product which will bring important and positive changes to the local economy and will encourage growth and further investment on the site This will contribute to improve the quality of education The County Council SEEMPLEP and Northamptonshire Enterprise Partnership assured that will strongly support the project The client University of Northampton believes that the new campus would have huge economic benefits for the town The new Waterside site will be an area where university and business meet together to increase Northampton s town growth and encourage innovation The main aim of the client for the swimming pool is to create a vibrant and modern commercial district retail and leisure and to create a community space for all occupants to share open spaces and facilities Also the University of Northampton would like to create a landmark development on this site with significant regenerative impact and to improve accessibility and links into the town centre 

The aims for the building are Low carbon and BREEAM Excellent 4 seasons Pedagogically innovative Capable of expansion Community focused pedestrian first The University of Northampton created an Outline Planning Consent for a new Waterside Campus in Northampton Town The main aim of the project is to unite the University's two existing campuses Avenue and Park Campus to a novel central riverside site and to create a modern purpose built Campus contemporary and sustainable learning environment and a leisure district open to the community University of Northampton currently uses two sites Avenue Campus and Park Campus including several types of halls of residence within the campuses with over 1 600 rooms and over 14000 students It is divided into six schools Arts Science and Technology formerly Applied Sciences Education Health Business and Social Sciences Many students live in university halls Northampton University propose a diploma undergraduate and postgraduate degrees up to PhD level The University of Northampton is a leader for a social enterprise and it is supporting students staff and public to start and grow their businesses and to meet their needs which in turn benefits the surrounding community and is dedicated to encouraging widening participation There are plans to transform the new Campus into a heart of the community 

The Waterside Zone is in the south eastern side of Northampton town and it s combined of over 20 sites along the River Nene It is spread from six fields the west site of the town and continues through to the town centre The site has extensive areas of derelict land The master plan shows that there will be a 28500 m2 of space It is a large flat and unused land situated close to the centre of Northampton The site is located on the brownfield soil with trees and natural vegetation The gas works is a heavy industrial use that is both intrusive and restricts access along the riverside There is a flood risk associated with the river Waterside and the River Nene have played important roles in the life and development of the town over the years The swimming pool construction The swimming pool has been designed with modern building regulations The building itself include two swimming pools jacuzzi changing room toilets coffee shop office party room conference room storages and will be used for sports and commercial activities e g buying and selling staff and services It will be important to a community's economy as will create jobs and bring money into the university The design of the building will provide a comfortable environment spacious corridors for good circulation and high ceilings to make the space more open The building is mainly designed from steel glass SIPS panels and cross laminated timber It is a steel frame building with steel columns inside the building Steel frame and SIPs external panels are adopted because of the high strength to weight ratio and energy efficiency There are a large glazed sides to allow as much natural light in as possible through large windows 

The design of the building helps to maximise daylight through the whole building Because of the river and poor soil condition the pile foundation will be appropriate It is a large building which carry a lot of load so this type of foundation is necessary The plant room is located in the very end of the building so it's hidden from the public The swimming pools are most energy intensive buildings to operate The external envelope is made mainly from fire resistant glass and SIPS panels There is elimination of openings in the exterior walls but if there are the automatic fire shutters were used The building is located next to main road and there is an easy access from outside to the building and the plot The building is situated close to the entrance to the plot so any fire services can reach the building without any problems The building integrates systems which provide heating cooling hot water air purification and ventilation To provide an eco friendly building at a high standard the modern methods of constructions MMC will be used By applying MMC greater efficiency and quality standards can be achieved The entire building process would meet the standards of sustainability and environmental performance The steel frame The steel frame used in construction has significant environmental benefits because the steel structure is recyclable without any degradation The speed of construction is reduced which prevent further disruption on the side The flexibility and adaptability of steel maximise the economic life of the building as radical changes can take place Steel construction achieves the highest rating of A in the Green Guide to Specification Steel framed

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