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The Cold War was a bitter time period full of hate opposition and distrust however it was a vital part of history that changed the world In Margaret Thatcher's eulogy about President Ronald Reagan she explains how his astounding leadership let him unite a divided nation He was an integral leader who let the world escape from the war by helping both the United States and the Soviet Union Thatcher develops a highly effective eulogy that establishes that Reagan was able maintain alliances and build friendships with everyone he meets Through the effective use of Thatcher s diction she characterizes Reagan as a cheerful leader who helped the United States immensely Reagan s personality had a vital part in decreasing tensions with America as well as the Soviet Union She explains how he was a man with a lightness of spirit and reassurance who provided an optimistic outlook on drastic situations He remained sane and jocular during times of despair as Reagan always focused on the positives 

Using parallelism Thatcher signifies how he won over almost every person from every class to every nation The repetition of every signifies his intent to unite the divided world no matter if they were from America or the Soviet Union Reagan had the true ability to embody another great cause and cheer us all up The quote provided by Arnold Bennett establishes credibility by showing that the President could unite rather than separate while at the same time please his people Reagan was able to make America stronger and won over many people by building a vital alliance with the public as a whole Through disproving expectations of the public on Reagan Thatcher conveys that he changed the world for the better He won the Cold War and made the world a place with greater freedom and prosperity Before his presidency Reagan was treated far differently as he was expected to fail in leading the nation out of a difficult crisis Thatcher juxtaposes what others think and shows how their beliefs are wrong For instance as others thought that Reagan would bring upon the decline of the west or limit growth he actually renewed faith into all and transformed the economy into a world of opportunity Thatcher s choice to juxtapose these expectations with his accomplishments highlight that 

Reagan's leadership was actually great and substantial Contrary to expectations he won the Cold War and kept a positive relationship with all the leaders including Thatcher Her language emphasizes that he won without firing a shot and turned enemies into friends to accentuate his leadership and skills For instance her inclusion of Reagan s harsh words to Gorbachev reasserts the statement that he fought with peace by building relationships and trust not destructive elements Reagan brought down the Soviet Union through effective leadership He resisted Soviet expansion and instead pressed down on their weaknesses Instead of fighting Gorbachev he developed an alliance Reagan was a honorable leader who was able to offer sincere cooperation bring new relationships and make peace with his enemies Thatcher believes that Reagan's actions were the right ones that needed to be fulfilled to defeat the evil empire of the Soviet Union She characterizes Reagan as a man of firm leadership who knew almost instinctively what to do to emphasize the point that his bold actions were always effective as well as necessary Thatcher honors him by saying that allies under Soviet or domestic pressure came to him for answers and he always had the right ones She identifies the strong positive extent his actions took on the world with her diction He was able to mend America s wounded spirit restore the strength of the free world and free the slaves of communism Through explaining specific actions Reagan did Thatcher establishes

Reagan as a President who is able to precisely follow through on his actions The parallel structure highlights his actions and amplifies the readers approval of Reagan Also using emotional appeals by stating slaves of communism and America s wounded spirit she emphasizes the point that Reagan was able to make a change in even the most unjust policies and ways Her inclusion of Reagan's powerful and effective actions proves that he was clearly fit to lead the nation and was a strong leader Throughout the eulogy Thatcher is able to establish her ethos with her personal connection to Reagan She uses informal language and calls him Ronnie to illustrate the idea that by personally working with him for eight years she came to the conclusion that he was a good honest man Thatcher's personal connection increases the credibility of her argument as more than a mere admirer of the President but as a close partner She asserts that America has lost a great president a great man and a dear friend The repetition of great emphasizes Reagan s character and refers to Thatcher's personal relationship with Reagan His large hearted magnanimity proves that he was a true American and his actions disproved many expectations Throughout the excerpt Thatcher reveals how Reagan was able to create alliances with all His ability to unify and bring people together was significant as he helped every nation including soviet leaders Reagan's personal relationship with Thatcher also conveys how he he was able to get along not just with Soviet leaders but leaders from all over the world His relationship got so close that Thatcher a prime minister referred to him as Ronnie Thatcher attempts to maintain her strong alliance with America by praising Reagan as a true American who loved America and what it stood for

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