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Government 12 4 9 January 2018 George Washington The Constitution George Washington was born on February 22nd 1732 in Westmoreland County Virginia At an early age he worked as a surveyor then fought in the French and Indian War A war which lasted 9 years 1754 1763 Washington would later lead the Continental Army in the American Revolution or the War of Independence Washington demonstrated to be a better general than a military strategist He wasn t too smart at planning on the battlefield but he had the ability to keep the struggling colonial army together and not give up under any circumstance He was a remarkable leader who gave his army the direction and motivation to keep going throughout the war Washington's army won few battles but still continued to keep their mentality and determination against the British This War of Independence ended in October of 1781 with the help an allied force the French It was a war which lasted eight years George Washington would be recognized by many as the father of the United States for obtaining victory in the war George Washington also had his contributions on other events that occurred throughout his time period like the United States Constitution In 1787 he was elected as head of the convention that wrote or created the U S Constitution 

At one point Washington had to be convinced even to attend the Convention During the time of the Constitution George Washington was the commander of the Continental Army and was also 55 years old making him one of the few to be of the age or older than the other historical figures that also contributed on the Constitution The other historical figures that contributed in the Constitution were James Madison Alexander Hamilton Robert Morris George Mason and Benjamin Franklin George Washington was one of the first of the many who contributed on the Constitution to realize the flaws or damages in the government under the Articles of Confederation and Continental Congress George Washington realized that a stronger government was needed to maintain a nation like the United States when the Continental or Confederation Government failed to comfort supply or pay the army After the call for the Philadelphia Convention Washington was recommended as a delegate from Virginia in which at first he was hesitant about but later believed he should go because his views of a stronger government could make a change for America

The purpose of the convention was to gather delegates around the country to correct any errors that had or would occur After gaining its independence from Great Britain the newly independent nation America was being controlled under the Articles of Confederation The main goal of the convention was to assure that the recently established country was strong enough to maintain itself and for the people When the convention opened on May 25 1787 without refusal George Washington was chosen as the president of the convention The Convention had many names such as the Philadelphia Convention the Federal Convention or the Grand Convention at Philadelphia The Convention met in Philadelphia Pennsylvania from May 14 to September 17 As said before Washington had to be persuaded to be a part of the convention James Madison and General Henry Knox were the ones who were able to convince Washington to be a part of the convention Both Madison and Knox believed that Washington needed to play a significant role because of the honorable respect and trust he had gathered throughout the war George

Washington after the war was a firm believer of building or creating a stronger national government for the country As weeks went by Washington administered the convention but didn t participate as much in the debates A strong debate that was held and discussed was to see if the government's executive should be one person or three people The leaders eventually concluded the debate with choosing to have one person as the government executive knowing that George Washington was likely to be the first president The objective of its leaders at this convention was to create a new strong government that won t fail or fall The leaders did just that with the result of the Convention being the creation of the United States Constitution On March 4 1789 the newly established Constitution became the law of the nation On April 30 1789 George Washington was brought in as the first president of the United States beating John Adams who had the second largest votes John Adams would become America's first vice president 

George Washington as president lived in New York and Philadelphia due to the future capital of the United States Washington D C was not yet formed At the time when Washington took office he was 57 years old and the American nation was still small There were only 11 states and nearly 4 million in population He did what he could to describe the constitutional role of his office and did best to keep the constitution stable and steady along with keeping the people in check There really was no real example on how the newly elected president should run the nation but he brought his perspective and views of a stronger government with him as president and made his changes throughout his presidency In 1796 after serving two terms as president and declining to serve a third term Washington finally retired and returned to Mount Vernon

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