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Kaila Cordova Themes 1 The Constitution shapes public opinion 2 Figuring out how the public feels is difficult 3 Race affects public opinion 4 Women and men have different political political beliefs and priorities 5 Activists have a more fact based opinion 6 Where people live affects their opinion 7 Political ideology is established through the use of polls 1 The Constitution shapes public opinion a Purpose of government is not to do what the people want purpose is found in the six items mentioned in the Preamble to the Constitution government structure contains several checks on public opinion representative government federalism separation of powers and independent judiciary 1 Figuring out how the public feels is difficult a Public Opinion is basically defined as how the people feel about certain aspects of politics government etc The public always has an opinion despite being kept in the dark about a lot of things Because of this polls are created to help the people voice their opinion Polls has many requirements in order to be effective The questions must be based strictly on opinion not open ended and unbiased Furthermore way that the poll is distributed must be random in order to make sure there is a more accurate and unbiased Some forms of polls include exit polls random polls done after a person votes and random digit dialing calling random numbers as asking gone person on the other line questions 1 Race affects public opinion a African Americans have been known to be mostly democratic However this has changed over the past couple years Africa American youth has began side more with the republicans 

This mostly because republicans have been attempting got change their attitude towards minorities Most Latino s tend to identify as democrats as well The Democratic Party tends to pay more attention to minorities and their concerns The republicans however support self deportation laws against immigration etc and are extremely conservative Asian tend to be very conservative and the sis why they identify more with the Republican Party Asians tend to be more traditional than liberal ex patriarchy instead of matriarchy 2 Gender affects public opinion a There are noticeable differences between the voting behavior men and and the voting behavior of women Men and women see different issues as priorities Women think that things such as healthcare planned parenthood and gender equality are priorities and are less aggressive than men They are more likely to support diplomacy instead if military intervention Women have been known be more liberal and this is why a large majority of women identify as democrats Furthermore the Democratic Party tends to place emphasis on topics that most women believe are of huge importance This has an affect on public opinion because women make up more than half of the amount of voters This means that when the results come in they are heavily influenced the beliefs of women 3 Activists have a more fact based opinion a Elites usually known as activists display greater ideological consistency 

They have more information and more interest in politics than most people so they may see more relationships among the issues Their peers reinforce this consistency Raise and frame political issues State norms by which to settle issues and define policy options Elites do not define economic crime and other problems that are rooted in personal experience Elites contradict and disagree with each other limiting their influence 4 Where people live affects their opinion a Southerners particularly white southerners have been known to be more conservative than northerners Most white southerners are against things like aiding minority and immigrant groups universal healthcare and planned parenthood while northerners tend to encourage and support these things Because of this it is extremely difficult for a democratic presidential candidate to win support from southern states The last president who accomplished this was Lyndon B Johnson who was elected in the early 1960s 5 Political ideology is established through the use of polls a Political ideology is measured in different ways

Seeing how frequently people use broad political categories to describe or justify their own views and preferences and Seeing to what extent a citizen s policy preferences are consistent over time or are based on consistent principle However most Americans do not think about politics in an ideological manner and limitations of polling make it difficult to uncover ideological preferences Most people are reluctant to reveal their preferences Poll creators use survey data to characterize ideology through the identification of key values Liberals and disadvantaged Democrats represent one third of registered voters and one fourth of the general public Various combinations of conservatives and Republican enterprisers represent almost one half of registered voters and over 40 percent of the general public Nearly one in five Americans are cynical about or are indifferent to politics

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