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The cultures of different countries in the world are mostly influenced by their past experiences as well as the environment they live in over time the exposure of different people to different environmental factors leading to change in some cultural values maintained by the people as influenced by the changes in the environment Places which are remote and which are not exposed to different aspects happening in the other part of the world tend to maintain the cultures that they inherit from their ancestors making the life in a less developed state Remote countries such as Australia New Zealand and Oceania has its people live their lives based on the environmental conditions they live in this essay will examine various environmental aspects which influence the cultures of the people living in those areas Australia is a continent surrounded by the oceans where it lies between Antarctica and Asia in the southern hemisphere The natural environment in the island greatly influences the culture of the natives who live there as well as a strong aspect influencing the culture of the different people who immigrate to the region 

Australia and Oceania Most of the population inhabiting the island are concentrated in the fertile areas which are based near the coastal regions of the continent as evident by the development and the high population of people in those areas Few groups of people live in the harsh environment in the interior of the island making the interior region less populated In the past the indigenous people used to feed on a diverse range of foods obtained from the flora and fauna of the region such as native animals vegetables and bread The occurrence if colonization in the region led to a change in the feeding habits in the region as the colonialists introduced new foods such as poultry agricultural products such as fruits and vegetables are highly grown in the rich fertile coastal areas as well as some aspects of seafood which was easily obtained from the sea due to the advanced fishing methods The concentration of the people in the regions close to the sea left the interior regions less disturbed maintaining the indigenous environmental vegetation and wildlife which form the main ecological components in the regions Australia Geography This is evident through the existence of natural vegetation as well as wild animals such as which are rare to find in other regions due to the maintenance of the natural environment New Zealand on the other hand forms part of the countries which are classified among the most remote areas of the world 

Due to its remoteness the country has been able to maintain most of its culture which is evident through the existence of a large number of indigenous people such as the Maori people which form the base of the multicultural aspect of the people in New Zealand Kuschel 635 The culture of the indigenous people of the country is greatly influenced by the region they are located in the country The islands forming New Zealand make the people be good consumers of the seafood The immigration of other people such as the British in the region has made them strive hard to represent their ancestral cultures in the multicultural state This evident through the establishment of a treaty between the British rule and the indigenous people of New Zealand The existence of varied climatic conditions in the area has influenced the eating habits of the people where the diets mostly based on meats vegetables and fruits which grow in a temperate climate The diet of Maori tribe comprises of mainly seafood wild pork and mutton birds This shows how the environment influences the culture of the people of New Zealand The people of Oceania have been able to retain most of their indigenous cultural practices due to the neglect by the colonial governments and isolation of the Pacific islands forming Oceania Howe 58

Most of these islands are surrounded by the sea making it common for the indigenous people making them rely on seafood for their daily diets Most of the people in these regions are immigrants from other regions who sailed and settled in the region where they have developed their culture based on the environments they found there The existence of people from different regions from the basis of the diverse culture present in Oceania Communities such as the Polynesians domesticated different plants and animals where they transported them to regions which lacked native animals and plants The seafarers on the other hand were able to colonize and inhabit several islands and therefore established the oceanic culture which is observed in the present day Generally the environment in which people live has a great influence on the inhabitants of that region This makes them devise ways of survival in the locality they live in the indigenous people of various remote areas such as Australia New Zealand and the Pacific islands have been able to control the indigenous flora and fauna which has been naturally developed in the regions The remoteness of the regions has enabled them to maintain their ancestral culture which as well as the preservation of indigenous wildlife which cannot be found living naturally in other regions of the world except under controlled environments

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