Essay Example on The decisions we make early in life have a great effect on our Future








The decisions we make early in life have a great effect on our Future Ever since my childhood I have always wanted to become a successful businessman and make something great and valuable for my future life something that would make my parents proud of what I am as a person and what I have accomplished So choosing the Bachelor Degree of International business as my major would open me too many doors on becoming an effective and efficient entrepreneur and I believe following this major would lead me towards my path to success Whereas this field of study consists of the main majors of business such as marketing finance human resources and Management all taken together to deliver the perfect program The First time I realized that I wanted to be in business was during my 7th grade of middle school while taking business class I was working on a project that our teacher has assigned us where we were needed to be part of a Bake sale The Bake sale was about bringing cooked food either from home or outside and sell it to students while they were on a break then afterwards our teacher would ask us the things we gained from this experience

Doing this project helped me realize how satisfying it was to research the right product or food for the students finding a creative way to sell the food and looking at the outcome at the end of the day This inspired my decision to pursue business as a career So from that moment and after I started attending lectures and reading more books about successful businessmen who went through dark times and hard work just to meet their long term goals and dreams hoping that one day after graduating college I will be ready to take a step forward to my future life During high school I took many subjects such as mathematics applied ICT and English Although there is nothing more I like than studying those subjects Business studies is what I find most interesting Through my studies of this subject I fully developed my analytical skills by criticizing and appraising various business decisions I have learnt a lot of skills from studying Business at A2 level this ranges from Protecting business ideas Understanding markets Developing business plans Employing people Choosing the right legal structures and etc Studying this has shown me what needs to be looked at in order to progress and stay on top of things when running a business Moreover I always felt the importance of taking English during my school years because English language is one of the most used languages in the world and taking this class would greatly improve my communication skills 

My purpose was to master both writing and speaking skills it would really improve my chances in the future A lot of business transactions and deals have failed due to the lack of good communication After graduating high school I took a gap year and started working for my uncle as a salesman Working their enlightened my sense of community to build my leadership skills accomplishing many sales techniques and establishing myself as a true salesman This experience has taught me that communication interaction and positive social relations are significant to a business being successful It granted me the opportunity to experience what it was like to interact and work with a large variety of people The dynamic relationships between businesses and people and the effects these relationships can have is fascinating Successful businesses are not only about the product but also by the management and leadership skills which unite the organization towards a common goal Marketing is also important such as Promotion Product Price and Place These factors must be critically considered as they decide the success of the firm In my spare time I like to spend it with my family and friends whenever it is possible One of my favorite hobbies and interests is reading books I have read a lot of books from fiction to nonfiction what ended up inspiring me the most and drove me to action was

The Art of the Deal by Donald Trump I always found it interesting to find out how successful people made their breakthrough This book influenced me in so many ways thinking big is one of them The book tells the story of Donald Trump step by step on his early days the problems he faced when walking this road He had a dream like everyone else but worked really hard and managed to reach it It is truly remarkable how a man from Queens started from nothing and ended up owning a tower at manhattan and currently being the most powerful man in the world After completion of college and getting my bachelor degree I hope to take more experience from the outside world where I would probably work for a corporation and continue my studies for the Master s Degree I am very positive that spending time in college will improve the way I think of people and probably improve my social skills where I would meet many students who follows the same major and may carry the same belief as I am I think having a bachelor degree in business can ease up your chances of interacting with a certain class of people where educational nowadays is a basic tool to win people attention and respect For a long term I imagine myself reaching the highest levels of business as a corporate leader I am certain that my determination tenacity and constancy would someday guide me establish my own business corporation a business that I would run

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