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GENERAL INFORMATION ABOUT EDMONTON The Edmonton city is the capital of Alberta province Canada and located on the bank of North Saskatchewan River Edmonton Alberta was unified as a city in 1904 and is in the geographical region of Alberta province Edmonton is also known as Gateway to the North Edmonton is situated in a very strategic location between the highly productive farmlands of central Alberta and mineral resource rich northern hinterland With the increase in the production of Athabasca oil sands around the early 2000s Edmonton gained fast rate of growth in infrastructure development and attract people from all of Canada EDMONTON LOCATION and AREA In Canada it is on the west side of the country but in Alberta, on east side and neighbor to Saskatchewan province of Canada The latitude of Edmonton is approximately same as the Manchester Germany England and hams burg with the time zone same as Salt Lake City Denver Phoenix Queen Elizabeth 2nd Highway Four lane route make Edmonton one hub of economically great Edmonton Calgary Corridor provide connectivity to Calgary Edmonton city is situated on Yellow Head Highway an imperative east west route that the way to the port of Prince Rupert on the Pacific Ocean and directly leads to shipping and trading hubs in Winnipeg Saskatoon and Sask Edmonton has an efficient railway connectivity links it with the deep water ports of Prince Rupert that ultimately make both cities a business important link in Asia

North American global trade chain Edmonton city is such a great place in size also 699 8 square kilometers in city proper and 9532 square kilometers in metropolitan area Area Edmonton ca POPULATION AND DEMOGRAPHICS A total official population of Edmonton city is 899 447 Edmonton census 2016 and that is on April 1 2016 the total population of Edmonton city has increased by 21 521 from the last municipal census conducted in 2014 with total 877 926 Edmonton census 2016 The total number of a male is 434 763 as compared to males the number of females is higher with 463 472 2016 Municipal Census Most of the dwellings are living owned or in their personal properties and less than this are using rented properties for their living The marital status of persons in Edmonton out of total population according to numbers are 248 847 married 36 984 common law 36 911 separated divorced 246 986 never married 23 042 widowed 23 042 widowed 306 677 no response Total The total number of employees is 60 to 70 percent that means the person who is eligible to do work is employed 2016 Municipal Census For the transport purposes people use cars van at a very high rate 72 percent and rest use the public transport with 13 2016 Municipal Census The status of persons living in Edmonton from the total number population is 545543 Canadian citizens 46586 permanent residents 1112 refugee 11857 others 2016 Municipal Census 47 percent of the total population speaks English only followed by French 2 58 percent later on Pilipino 2 34 Cantonese 1 32 Punjabi 1 67 Arabic 1 32 mandarin 1 53 2016 Municipal Census these languages speaking And all these are the major demographics living in Edmonton

Household income of the people are 3 of total population earn more than 200000 and more per annum 3 71 more than 150000 less than 200000 3 38 above 125000 less than 15000 and 38 fall in the category of low level or medium level income that is more than 30000 but less than 125000 2016 Municipal Census Attractiveness to business travelers industry manufacturing other businesses or major government sites ATTRACTIVENESS TO BUSINESS TRAVELERS Only one thing matter to business is growth development and enhancement of infrastructure that directly hit the economy of any city Major growth of Edmonton city around 93 took place from 2006 to 2011 mainly in suburbs that become the main attraction for the business travelers Edmonton Mark Sholdice 2017 INDUSTRY AND MANUFACTURING An economy of Edmonton is totally natural resource driven and supply energy resources from Alberta to the arctic ocean and to all over Canada Forestry Agriculture Coal conventional oilfields natural gas oil sand and most recently diamond mining in Northern Territories provide the base to all Edmonton s industries trade and services Manufacturing and processing of all resources add fuel to fire and act as a magnet for business travelers Edmonton city attracts BUSINESS tourists from all over the world towards its petroleum refinery petrochemical industries plastics and fertilizer factories Other manufacturing industries are the pipe and heavy equipment metals and fabrications Development in tertiary or service sector brings high tech industries biotechnology and information technology make Edmonton as a hub for business tourists OTHER BUSINESS OR MAJOR GOVERNMENT SITES In Alberta most of the public services are solely private or semi private with the city administration government has shared in those services Telus is telephone company which was previously known as Alberta Government Telephones and is now totally privately owned Business travelers from Canada and from other countries have telecom meeting here Same as the power and water service became EPCOR a private company with Edmonton as a sole shareholder which is providing services not only to Edmonton but out of Edmonton also Other government sites and institutions which attract the business study or arts related tourists are Edmonton opera Citadel Theatre largest art performing organization in Canada Edmonton s is also known as Canada's Festival City and conduct Works Art Design Festival Edmonton International Fringe Theatre Festival Edmonton International Jazz Festival Edmonton Folk Music Festival annual Other government sites for tourists Northern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium Northern Alberta Institute of Technology and MacEwan University Telus World of Science the quarter downtown Edmonton tower which is official and business building

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