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The educational institution I chose for further education is the University of Toronto It is a public institution which was founded in 1827 in Toronto Ontario with three campuses St George Mississauga and Scarborough which are in and around Toronto Around 95 of its graduate student s study at the St George campus Thousands of foreign students from more than 160 countries are students of the University of Toronto The university offers 700 undergraduate programs and more than 200 masters and doctorate programs The program I am interested to apply for is Bachelors in Computer Sciences The admission requirements for Ontario secondary students is and Ontario Secondary School Diploma or equivalent and Six Grade 12U M courses including English and Calculus The approximate tuition fees for domestic students is 6590 for the year 2017 18 This is generally a four year program if you study full time but there are options to study part time but it would take longer Before enrolling in the program There are financial aid programs offered in the form of loans and grants for students who need it OSAP Ontario Student Assistance Program is a financial aid program of the government for Ontario residents who are eligible In 2017 18 major changes are being made to OSAP from four separate grants 30 off Ontario Student Opportunity Grants Ontario Access Grants Ontario Student Opportunity Grants and Ontario Distance Grants its consolidating into one up front grant which is called the Ontario Student Grant OSG Another financial aid program is the Provincial Territorial Loan Programs 

The students who are eligible for this loan are Canadian citizens Protected persons or permanent residents Provincial or territorial governments give the loans The University of Toronto Crown Ward Grant is another grant which helps eligible students to pay their tuition costs You will need to create an OSAP account and complete some required documents like declaration and signature pages and then send them to your financial aid office to see if you re eligible for aid Some career opportunities for graduates of a bachelors in computer sciences are careers involving software architecture and design programming quality assurance and analysis of user requirements You can also become an entrepreneur of software production or consulting firms Some specialized areas to start a career in are computer graphics and animation game programming web application development user interface design financial modelling and robotics and mathematical and scientific programming You can also go for further education to pursue your graduate degree The university offers a Professional Experience Year PEY which is a 12 16 month term in which you are paid to work in an industrial project to relate your academic work to the practical world so you get a know how of how to apply what you learned in your courses to and actual job This program is available to students completing their second or third year of BSc This is a good course to pursue because we are in the information age where everything is converting from a traditional industry to an economy based on information technology Humans are being replaced by machines and the people who create and operate these machines are computer specialists 

The demand for graduates in computer sciences is increasing at a rapid pace as we head in to the future The world needs more people who are experts in technology so this is the best time to study computer sciences There is already a huge scope for computer graduates and it will only increase as time passes because humans are being replaced by machines every day and the people who are working at the back end of these machines are computer specialists I am interested in this course because I like to see how different electronics work and how applications are programmed Since I already have developed an interest in computers I believe I will prosper in this field because I will be motivated to learn and apply what I learn practically too The actions steps I plan to take to get in to the program are 1 Find out how to contact the university through their website and asking them any questions I have if something is not clear about applying on their website I will make sure I gave my updated contact information like my address phone number and email so it is up to date 2 Download the application form and fill it out and submit it before the deadline for the next semester 3 Check requirements of each program that I am interested in to see if I am eligible to go for that program This will narrow down my options so I know which programs I can apply in 4 Enroll in the program of my choosing I will have two or three choices in mind just in case I can t get in to one of the programs Computer sciences will be my top priority 5 After getting accepted I will choose my courses carefully and then check the start time of the program Each student is given a start date and time to enroll in courses to maximize the chance that they will get the course that is required for their degree After this you can enroll in the courses at your start time 6 Lastly I will pay all required fees based on the universities requirements 7 Then I ll check the start date of my classes the timings and my schedule for what days of the week I have classes

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