Essay Example on The Effects of Social Media on the Structure of Social Relationship in the United States








The Effects of Social Media on the Structure of Social Relationship in the United States Do you use Social Media daily How does it feel to be Liked on Social Media Social Media has established a method of communication through which user setup communities to share ideas personal message information and other content for social networking I believe in order for human beings to function fully well in the Millennial Generation there has to be the use of Social Media This reminds me of how my wife constantly text me on WhatsApp from the bedroom when am in the living of the same apartment to check something in the kitchen Eduardo Saverin the co founder of Facebook stated The more social media we have the more we think we re connecting yet we are really disconnecting from each other I am totally convinced that the vigorous and enthusiastic adoption of social media technologies has revolutionized the structure of social relations in the United States by given voice to people who would never be heard reducing social barriers and also connecting people on quality of human importance or worth First and Foremost communication has dramatically changed in recent times compared to years ago due to the acceptances and frequent use of social technologies The use of social media has a massive direct influence or impact on the American Culture Business and the world as a whole Aside from reading about President Trump rants on Twitter or viewing a family member s wedding pictures on Facebook there is some real impact both negative and positive that social media has on our society

These influences are evidence of how revolutionized the way people communicate and socialize have being embedded in recent generation compared to that of years ago when socialization was mostly face to face and intimate among small groups As suggested from the sociological perspective by Charles Horton Cooley and George Herbert Mead This form of socialization lacks social richness and sense of identity as a result of nonverbal gestures from face to face group network Social Media has now become the seedbed of American Society in shaping young cohort s ideas belief and values Many young adults tend to confine and seek advice from people they barely own on Facebook instead of physical contact communication with family members or real friends However Social media has reduced social barriers for young people which give them the platform and power to say and do whatever they like The use of social media by people has had an influence on politics as it plays an important role on how we socialize today from the election of a president to the formation mass movement like Black Life Matters More Americans have adopted social media as the main source of interaction the User base of social media has grown more rapidly among young people Many young Americans are constantly on Facebook Instagram or other social media minute by minute causing disconnection among them and their family 

This can also bring about the collapse of social gathering if care is not taking since most teen often entertained on social media This medium of socialization undermines the courtesy and mannerism of young adult when they come out of their comfort zone to the real world to interact with others Since there s no facial expression body language for one to visualize and interpret during the use of social media Moreover the structure of communicating proximity not close among social media user contribute to Cyberbullying and ambiguity Some students or pupils can fall prey to online attack which can bring about distress and tension obviously with their attacker s intention of bearing no sanctions There s also lack of clarity and misunderstanding when it comes to social media communicating which can lead to anxiety Nevertheless Facebook for instance is a great tool for people to re connect with their old friends classmates and make new friends because of its indefinite scope and size People specifically young adult use this medium to exchange ideas share content important pictures among each other In fact student unites with their peers to improve their progress and communication skills on social media It also helps individuals in American to learn about different cultures and societies as they connect with other people beyond their boundaries 

The use of social media connects people on the basis of human worth and not identity and there s some level deceptive In addition many young Cohorts are consuming most of their time on social media which make them vulnerable to giant business and advertising companies For example in the documentary Generation Likes by Douglas Rushkoff illustrate how companies are using teen to market their product through social media as a reflection of the power of Likes Some children imprisoned themselves in their room for hours and even skip breakfast and lunch to stay connected on social media just to see who liked their pictures or videos Many firms also use the interactions and feedbacks from these young ones on Facebook to improve their business strategies Furthermore social media has exposed many kids to fame at a younger age as companies reward them for their service According to the social media fact sheet when Pew Research Center began tracking social media adoption in 2005 just 5 of American adult used at least one of these platforms By 2011 that share had risen to half of all American and today 69 of the public uses some type of social media In conclusion we live in a revolutionized structured society that makes young cohort feel disconnected and confused if they do not have or use social media daily It enhances the social life of individuals today Indeed social media create unstable identities as people are constantly managing their impression

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