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European Union The European union is a political and economic union which comprises of twenty eight 28 member states which is primary located in Europe Germany Netherlands Italy France Luxembourg and Belgium are the founders of the European union Ireland then became a member in 1973 The goals of the European Union are to promote peace its values and the well being of its citizens promote progress scientifically and technological and to respect culture and diversity The EU was set up with the aim of ending frequent blood shed and bloody wars between neighbouring states and countries on the 25th March 1957 the Treaty of Rome created the European Economic Community EEC The focus is to bring people the Europe closer together the EU makes it easy for Europeans to buy and sell things to each other also makes it easy for people from the EU to move around freely in the Union Influence of EU Law on Irish Legal System The European union has helped improve and upgrade most of every aspect in a Europeans life from how they put in labour to how they travel and shop to the quality of the environment Ireland began negotiations to join the European union and for this to happen a referendum had to take place and an amendment to the constitution had to be made The European Union's membership has helped Ireland in their financial crisis Irish exports can sell easier and cheaply into the global market 

The EU funding helped improve educational standards in Ireland and has made more better opportunities for studying abroad the Irish farmers are receiving approximately 1 2 billion each year through the Common Agricultural Policy funding CAP Sources of Law REGULATIONS Regulations are rules made by the government or any other authority in order to control the way things are done or the way people behave This is a legal act that becomes enforceable immediately as a law in all member states for example when the European Union wanted to make sure that there are common safeguards on good and services imported from outside the EU the council the adopted a regulation DIRECTIVES Directives is an order or instructions given by someone in authority Directives require the EU countries to achieve a certain result but allows them to choose how to do it for example the EU consumer rights directive which strengthens rights for consumers across the EU by removing charges and extra cost on the internet TREATIES Treaties are contracts in writing between two or more political authorities such as states or sovereigns formally signed by representing duly authorized and usually ratified by the law making authority of the state for example the treaty of Lisbon signed 13th December 2007 to make the EU more democratic and more efficient the treaty of Amsterdam signed 2nd October 1997 to reform the EU institutions in preparation for the arrival of the future members DECISIONS Decisions is a legal instrument which is binding upon individuals to which it is addressed to Decisions may be addressed to member states or individuals for example the commission issued a decision on the EU participating in the work of various counter terrorism organization 

The European Court of Justice is based in Luxembourg and dates back to the very first EU treaty The job of the European Court of Justice is to make sure the EU legislations is interpreted and applied in the same way in all EU countries The ECJ deals with disputes between parties the ECJ sits and listens to cases all round the year The court is composed of one The European Court of Justice includes one judge for each EU country and an addition 11 advocate general the role of the Court is to give legal judgments on cases brought before it The three most common types of case are 1 Preliminary Ruling this allows co operation between national courts and the ECJ if a case comes to the national court that involves an interpretation of an EU law the national court will then refer the question to the ECJ to decide 2 Failure to fulfil obligation the commission can proceed if it has reason to believe that a member is failing to fulfil its obligation under the EU law 3 Actions for Annulment if a member state council or parliament believe that an EU law is illegal they may request for the court to annul it DIRECTIVCES ON PART TIME WORKERS The part time work took effect on 1st June 2000 therefore European Labour Law regulates basic transnational standards of employment and partnership at work in the EU countries Part time workers who obtain an employment contract cannot be treated as less favourably than full time workers unless it can be justified Employers should consider a transfer request from either full time to part time or vice versa Under the regulations part time works are to receive the same hourly pay as comparable full timers not to be excluded from training because they work part time and not to be discriminated due to the fact that they are part time workers Irelands membership in the EU has benefited the country the Irish businesses how have access to a market of over 510 million people and this has created approximately 978 thousand jobs increasing Irelands foreign direct investment The Irish citizen can now move freely and work within the territory of member states the EU membership has brought peace The European Union plays a big role in our everyday life the EU has formed stricter rles and regulations to prevent money laundering it has also abolished quotas or tariffs for companines exporting and importing goods and services within the EU members in the EU can shop in other member states without paying additional tax

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