Essay Example on The evidence and testimony that s provided to prove David Ray Harris guilty for the murder








The evidence and testimony that s provided to prove David Ray Harris guilty for the murder is Harris according to the text said He later testified he had lied about Adams involvement though he stopped short of saying he committed the murder himself Another thing that could have proved Harris guilty was bragging about the shooting committed Why would you go around bragging about shooting a police officer Just doesn t make any sense to me especially if the courts know you were involved at the place and time when the shooting occurred The car that was involved in the shooting was the one Harris stole along with the weapon used to commit the crime Another idea that comes to mind is why would you hide the exact same gun that was used in the crime if you didn t shoot the cop Was it because if he had gotten caught with the firearm they knew he would be guilty instantly You can tell most people are guilty when they are always changing their story up and trying to take back what they said because it may make them look bad But there isn t really actual hard evidence that Harris had committed the crime which is why I understand they thought he wasn t guilty

One thing they could ve done was see whose fingerprints were on the gun or if there was any dna in the car But is hard to do when Harris was driving the stolen car before he had picked up the hitchhiker named Randall What evidence and testimony os there to prove Randall Adam s is guilty for the murder The evidence I found of Randall Adam s being guilty is the three so claimed witnesses that drove down the road before the scene had occurred The witnesses said there was a man in the driver s seat with long hair They were showed about five possible victims it could ve been and both of them picked out Randall Adam s picture out of the group Which this made the police believe them but my question is did the girl officer remember any cars drive by before the crime was committed Also it makes Randall seem more guilty when he is the adult in this case trying to put it on an innocent kid The judges just couldn t get their mind set on an sixteen year old kid killing a police officer and leaving the scene Also to prove that a teenager would lie about the story what happened that night This could ve happened because most kids are scared to death when they have to go to court for the first time and make sure to tell nothing but the truth Another piece of evidence that made Randall Adam s guilty which was false because of the statement Adam claims Which is a signed document the police had signed from Randall which seemed to them it was a claim of confession

While Randall had just thought of the document being false and at a point of time they had went by where the crime scene taken place at But they had more evidence on Randall than David which made Randall the innocent one and the one who committed the crime Based on the evidence you have seen and researched what decision would you make on which one is guilty and why Based on the evidence I have seen and researched the decision I would make on who s guilty would have to be David Ray Harris Just because he is a teenager doesn t mean Randall should not be given a fair trial and no attention to his side of the story The courts aren t meant to protect young lives Harris had stolen a car before the crime and admits it If you saw a hitchhiker on the side of the road would you let him drive the car you are in Also did you think of why three witnesses just appear out of nowhere saying that Randall is the one who committed the crime Have you ever heard the saying money talks which is what I think how these witnesses came out of nowhere I mean a few years later you should ve changed your mind when David had shot a man to death Everything is there all along that you had the wrong man locked up when David turns around and starts committing a bunch of other crimes Also if I was Randall I would be suing the courts or jail for not being provided an attorney to speak with Why wasn t Randall provided an attorney while sitting in jail Was it because they knew the attorney would agree with Randall and the crime was done by David It is stated clearly that every person deserves a fair trial and will be provided with an attorney if you are unable to afford one

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