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The explorer by the name of William Biffin was born at London England in 1584 There is little information on him and his life like many of the earlier navigators until after his exploration He is wrote about as a very talented man but also one who was self taught due to not many schools or many methods of education during this time The first written record of Biffin was in 1612 this is when Biffin was a chief pilot with James Hall on a ship by the name of Patience This being the beginning of his long career of sailing and exploring He continued navigating and exploring growing in his passion and getting better and more well known He continued doing what he loved until he died in the Persian Gulf soon after being shot in 1622 on January 23 Baffin is certainly the most proficient navigator and observer of all the arctic explorers of his period Ernest S Dodge William Biffin was thought of to be one of the great explorers He helped sail and navigate across many different lands searching for the Northwest passage and eventually finding it And also ended up finding the Biffin island which is now a piece of Nunavut Canada Biffin figured out the longitude at sea by looking at the stars and determining where he was He would use this information to help him and his crew not get lost at sea and also know where they have been and locate different places As can be seen today throughout his life he had much success in what he loved 

Although William Biffin accomplished much he still had different struggles which he had to surpass to achieve what he did Not only did he have many different physical challenges but also mental hardships to achieve his results The main reason many did not peruse the same path as Biffin because of all the possible physical harms Many understood the seriousness of the life at sea and all the possible causes of harm or death This did not slow down or scare off Biffin he knowing the consequences still chased after his passion of navigating and discovering the new and unknown Some possible physical dangers included no ripe or healthy food seeing how all the fresh food was eaten at the beginning of the voyage The men on board having to eat whatever they could or was able to be eaten including rotten food or unsanitary The very low amount of healthy and good food lead to many sicknesses and diseases One very common and large one being Scurvy which occurs when one does not get the right number of vitamins

Finally what did he achieve through all his different hardships including mental and physical He had much to preserver through in order to get to where he was He kept chasing his goal even though he failed in the beginning and had many struggles But even with not getting what he hoped for on the first try and just giving up he continued after his goal and never gave up Eventually reaching his goal and doing much more with his life also And there were those who doubted him and downplayed his goals and work but he never lost sight of what he wanted his future to look like He suffered but in the end it was worth it because he discovered a new island and also helped navigate much of the sea for many years and made many advancements in science and math which helped much after even his own life In conclusion William Biffin made many important discoveries which he earned to call his own Although there were many different obstacles in his way to achieve what he did he still managed to get to where he stands in history today He went through both mental and physical challenges

Also the men were working and operating in very harsh conditions at sea and having to sleep on board or under with cargo not allowing for good sleep But none of these well known possibilities discouraged Biffin Furthermore not only did William Biffin have to worry about the physical dangers but also the mental ones The physical struggles were very great for many men at sea but the deadly mental problems also caused many men to fall The idea of staying at sea for months on end with other men who you may or may not like is able to scare anyone Much less not able to get a good night's rest leaving their minds restless and unable to focus and operate like previously Not only that but also having the constant fear of death and not knowing if you will make it to wake up the next morning Also having to stay away from their family or wife if they had one at the time Having to constantly put their mind at work Just trying to do the daily chores and jobs could easily become more than one man could handle 

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