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4 0 Plato The Failure in Democracy Plato 427 347 had been described as the greatest Western philosopher Historians like to quote A N Whitehead who said The safest general characterization of the European philosophical tradition is that it consists of a series of footnotes to Plato Throughout his life among his most recognizable and most comprehensive works is the Republic The Republic is the most popular and popular book It may have been published around to know 377 The notes focus on the political ideas and pedagogy of the book The most authoritative political parties or social class intercars in Athens as in most Greek known countries are oligarchs and democrats Through these two concepts of power It is worth noting that these oligarchs are trying to create a situation where only a lot of property owners can inherit and hold public office while the democrats argue that all males have the same rights regardless of poverty or wealth Athens is a city of democracy throughout the existence of the 5th and 4th centuries

Within 411 and 404 alone the excellence of this oligarchy has succeeded in establishing a government where there are some levels of society rich and poor the consequences of these two political forces have caused tensions between the oligarchs and the democrats in Athens and this was recorded in his book the Republic that each city was made up of two cities that fought each other Although the fights between the classes of the people of Athens are unlikely seen it is arguable that the democrats have held almost all classes of oligarchic rule and sometimes also cause bloody fighting even in the squad known as the squad of death and other supporters of the oligarchy regime were killed especially among the popular leaders among democratic leaders However two Plato brothers Critias and Charmides were part of their oligarchs and their crimes because of Plato s refusal to follow them into the oligarchs As a result Cratias ruled in a cruel and violent manner and consequently the dictatorship of Oligarchy was so horrendous that the Democrats rose sharply and successfully defeated the oppression of the Oligarchy Image 

1 American s Democracy After the democrats temporary triumph over the terrible Oligarki Democracy s fall came as Athens were defeated by Sparta and as a result the position of the democrats in Athens had once been a nuisance This is because Plato himself states that it is difficult to divert the people's view of democracy politics because the rich people he sees as having their own interests and as a result Plato does not trust the rich and trust the wealth of the rich In addition Plato also states that society is easy to move to emotional rhetoric and feelings that make them easy to be influenced by any political force

Similarly in today's world the society simply shifts to another power simply because it is believed to be the word sweetness deck given by other powers and does not think rationally However the backdrop of privacy concerns strongly opposed to Greek thought For them they are only aware of their own fundamentals and their lives and simply ignore the politics of society and they are more dependent on one another In the end Plato himself has not been able to see himself living a life of desires and has changed his mind that he needs to donate something for the rational and rational community building Because of the fairness that makes him think can not just think of personal matters they also need to be the attributes of the united society in general Next for Plato elections between oligarchy and democracy are still necessary in society therefore he has explained the knowledge in his book Republic In the constitution mapping in the community Plato has described the schematic of the human soul For him every soul requires three parts of the body s desire and taste the passion of passion as dreams and courage and the faculty of knowledge and reason Furthermore these three sections have an important impact on a human being Image 

1 Dialogue Democracy In addition according to Plato also democratic itself does not work because ordinary people also have no knowledge how to live life as democracy

They are also less familiar with economic sciences governmental strategies outside circumstances and complexity of the law Because of the tendency of this problem they have made them prefer to vote for politicians who in silence deceive them with the so called appearances and computations and they also can not identify what is happening around them well This is because they are guided by unreliable emotions rather than careful analysis and proof And this is how the Republic describes the political situation of the people in the power of Democracy Plato s description of a democracy also like to provoking it has given us power and forced us to go back to check our own kingdom Can our leaders be bullies and critics of politics And are those who have been suppressed by rules that are not in high taxpayer s high taxes suggesting that they can not fight in a good way True all these problems are actually in our society People who are capable of making decisions And because of problems such as lack of knowledge anxieties and selfish attitudes are the ones that have caused a failure in Democracy in Plato's past

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