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Question 1 The field of medical radiation is one of the fast growing healthcare sectors in the world today Medical radiation involves the use of a series of energy waves to diagnose and treat different medical conditions Adler Carlton 2013 This technology uses two different types of energy rays x rays and gamma rays Various radioactive substances and nuclear reactions can produce compelling energy Medical practitioners use a controlled amount of these radiations to treat multiple medical conditions such as cancer There are three different types of radiations The low energy radiations come in shape of radio and microwaves These waves are used in home appliances such heaters and oven The medium energy radiation is visible through the use of light Lastly high energy radiations active forms of energy which can cause harm to our bodies They include ultraviolet rays x rays and gamma rays X rays and Gamma rays are the most forms of energy used in hospitals to diagnose and treat illnesses X rays are commonly used to provide pictures of different body parts a doctor examines It helps in analyzing the affected areas and assists the doctor in treating the condition Gamma rays result from radioactive decay of a radioisotope During medical radiation using gamma rays a radioactive liquid is injected into the body and a doctor monitors how it spreads 

2 Professional society is a non profit organization that is created to promote a given profession In healthcare setup these agencies are designed to safeguard protect and enhance the medical practitioners The organization aims at addressing the interest of the different medical professionals that constitute it and also safeguard the interest of the public Professional bodies assist in maintaining control and overseeing the various practices within a given professional field Scott 2000 It is responsible for identifying the processes that are legitimate and those that should not be used in the profession These organizations also safeguard the interest of professionals in the body while controlling their privileges to meet the needs of the public These agencies are also involved in monitoring evaluating and developing professional programs Examples of professional societies include American medical informatics association or Institute of Electrical and Electronics engineering Accrediting organizations are state owned or privately sponsored agencies that are given the mandate to grant accreditation to different educational institutions offering a variety of courses Accreditation process seeks to evaluate the competency authority and credibility of the schools to provide specific courses such as medicine Engineering or Nursing 

An accredited institution must demonstrate its competence and ability to deliver quality tests and resources that will allow a third party pursue a particular course Council for Higher Education Accreditation and International network for quality assurance agencies in high education are some of the examples of the accrediting organization Certifying organizations are responsible for confirming specific characteristics of a person object or organization Most of the certification involves external reviews assessment audit and education These assessments are taken to determine if an individual or groups are competent enough to perform the various tasks expected from them Certifying organizations also test the level of knowledge an individual has to identify if he she is fully trained to handle the profession America Association of medical assistants American medical technologists and National healthcare association are some of medical certifying organizations in America References Adler A M Carlton R R 2013 Introduction to Radiologic Sciences and Patient Care EBook Elsevier Health Sciences Bushong S C 2013 Radiologic Science for Technologists EBook Physics Biology and Protection Elsevier Health Sciences Scott W R 2000 Institutional change and healthcare organizations From professional dominance to managed care University of Chicago Press

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