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The film Slumdog Millionaire was released in the year 2008 It was directed by Danny Boyle who is a British Director and achieved eight Oscar awards for quality of performance in the arenas like cinematography sound mixing direction film editing etc This movie is adopted from a novel Q A which is written by Indian author and diplomat Vikas Swarup The movie is picturized in slum part of Mumbai Indian background The movie is a package of motivation love tragedy action eagerness and hate The movie story turns around an uneducated eighteen years old Muslim orphan boy named Jamal Malik and his elder brother Salim Malik from the slums of Mumbai The movie shows the journey of Jamal from poor to get rich In this movie Jamal has no schooling no family and no any support to survive His entire lifetime he is considered as a Slumdog because of where he is grown up as a child approaching from the slum of Mumbai where other Indians considered him as no importance The film story starts with the main character Jamal and his brother Salim s life in slums and how they became orphan after Hindu Muslim riots took place in Mumbai which destroys their house and kills their mother Story shows their journey from Mumbai to other cities and how they survive during their childhood as well teenage and finally ends at Kaun Banega Crorepati The Indian version of Who wants to be Millionaire

At the age of eighteen Jamal got the chance to compete as a contestant on the television show of Indian version Who Wants to be Millionaire In childhood Jamal and Salim did not have the break to join school for a long As young children Jamal and Salim are left to survive for themselves They started begging stealing and simulating as tour guides at the Taj Mahal One of the Seven Wonders of the World for surviving Far ahead Salim murders the gangster Maman to escape and defend himself his brother Jamal and Latika a girl from the same slums This act offers Salim a chance to work with one more gangster Javed Salim sees this job as an opportunity to come out from poverty and he started to do illegal and criminal work for Javed On the other hand Jamal was doing criminal activities only when he was a child to fulfil his basic requirement As a young adult he arises to work as a tea delivery boy in a call centre and selected simple and honest path for earning Jamal has not chosen other options like his brother to get out of poverty The movie shows how two brothers with a parallel background and rearing choose two diverse paths in their lives Jamal completed working in a call centre whereas Salim driven for a famous gangster in Mumbai Even though the adoptions of wrong path ended up hurt people and were misled by his wish to have a better life Salim upholds love and loyalty towards his brother Jamal Their two dissimilar paths lead to two contrary outcomes Jamal ends up winning the television game show Who wants to be Millionaire whereas Salim dies Salim has made all the depraved choices and became a bad person

At the end of the movie Salim realized that he earned money by illegal way which could not make him happy so he decided to recompense for his mistake by surrendering himself to help Latika escape from Javed and he kills himself in a tub which is full of money During playing in the television show Kaun Banega Crorepati Jamal is being interrogated by the police inspector as the host of this show Prem Kumar takes Jamal to police inspector to get a confession from Jamal showing he is cheating to win this show and Jamal is forced to clarify how he knew each answer of all questions Host and police curious to know how a Slumdog can answer all questions appropriately They believed that this lower class boy is not significant to this world who comes from the streets of Mumbai These questions were only able to correctly be answered by a knowledgeable middle or upper class Indian The show host Prem does not want Jamal win the show as Jamal is the only Slumdog in history to win the esteemed show and hold the title along with twenty million rupees Contrary Jamal is trying to come out from his poverty by winning the television game show He explained to police inspector how his life experience provided him the knowledge to answer the hard questions The happenings that took place during his childhood help out him to answer the tough questions in the show Finally he wins the show This movie is truly inspiring and presenting love story of Jamal and Latika The movie shows flashbacks to tell the story of the main character Jamal and his brother Salim as well the love story develops between Jamal and Latika Among all characters Jamal is my favourite character as it's an inspirational character despite living in slum area became orphan done cheating in childhood he follows the honest way in his young adult life Moreover his loyalty and love towards Latika remains the same Film also faced reproach for the ugly depiction of India and the abusive language that was cast off

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