Essay Example on The Flawed Perception Of Islam









It was a normal day for me I woke up at 7 00 am Took a shower got dressed then headed to my kitchen to eat breakfast I walked down the steps into my kitchen I saw my mother sister and brother All sitting at our wood dining table It was silent So silent you could hear a pin drop I said loudly in an enthusiastic way good morning To which my brother gave me a blank stare my sister said nothing and my mother gave a dull good morning I didn t think much of it I went grabbed a plate and sat down at the table My mother had made scrambled eggs with cheese toast with strawberry jam and some turkey bacon This was a usual breakfast meal that we ate almost every week I put some food on my plate and was about to eat when I hear my brother ask me Did you see that terrorist attack at that concert in Manchester I replied with No when did this happen He replied It happened yesterday Right as the concert was finishing there were explosions Lots of people died many are hurt I said that s awful He said Well yeah These Muslim people are going crazy now a days My mother looked at him in awe He himself is Muslim so is my mother along with our entire immediate family My mother said Just because some terrorist claims to be Muslim and carries out a terrorist attack It doesn t mean all Muslims are terrorist or going crazy 

You yourself are Muslim so are your brothers and sisters How could you say something like this He stared at our mother and said Because it s true Majority of terrorist are Muslims My mother shook her head in shame She then said I thought I raised you better than this You should know by now that the actions of a few doesn t speak for the billions of other Muslim people trying to live a normal life My sister then said Just ignore him mom he has clearly lost his mind My brother has expressed some doubt about Islam before But now he was taking it to another level Almost on the level of hate There was no reason for him to be acting like this Our parents never forced us to be Muslim He is more than old enough to make decisions for himself He then said Shut up You are just a sheep You listen to what mother says and follow her blindly Those stupid scarfs she forces you to wear make you look weird My sister starts to cry She gets up yells You re an ass hole and leaves the kitchen area My mother is just sitting there staring with a dull look on her face I asked my brother Why are you acting like this All she was doing is eating her food You really need to relax He says Why should I every day I go on Twitter and Facebook to see people tweeting the truth about Islam 

They post real graphs and statistics of terrorist attacks per ideology Islam is at the top of all of them Why would I want to be seen as a terrorist when I have done nothing wrong You do know that s what white people think of us right As terrorist and nothing more How can I blame them Every terrorist attack I see on the news is done by a Muslim He then tells our mother I m taking the bus to school today I don t want to be seen with you wearing a scarf You attract too much attention I can see my mother s eyes tear up She can t believe her own son is embarrassed to be seen with her in public She replies stumbling on her words Ok I understand My eyes open wide I couldn t believe it She was letting her own son sit at the table and disrespect her like she was some outsider that he never knew I know if my father was home right now he would have kicked my brother out of the house My father would never tolerate ignorance at this level After all my brother is 20 years old I stood up from my chair and said You really need to get some help You are going on social media sites to get justification for hating an entire religion A religion you were born into and if I m not mistaken still are The people posting about Islam being a religion full of terror are people that have hate in them They have nothing better to do with their lives You don t need to join them on their journey to self destruction

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