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The Four Way Test may very likely be one of the most famous statements of the 21st century The test was created because there was a need for a simple guide to right conduct that is easy to remember The test can be applied to nearly any aspect of life and can help organizations and individuals find their own ethical compass The Four Way Test boils down to the importance of integrity Similarly the Goolsby motto starts with the word integrity therefore placing a lot of emphasis and importance on it In an article written by Augustine Ogho it has been reported that senior level executives rank honesty integrity as the most important characteristic for effective leaders and followers Quick and Goolsby The Four Way Test is a simple and easily remembered test consisting of four simple questions Is it the truth Is it fair to all concerned Will it build goodwill and better friendships Will it be beneficial to all concerned If your answers are positive to all the questions then you have passed the test It is world wide used by Rotarians as a moral code for personal and business relationships Comparably the Goolsby motto is Integrity Courage Impact and also serve as a moral code to Goolsby scholars Those three leadership qualities are emphasized in the Academy and are very similar to The Four Way Test since both enforces the fact that integrity is a fundamental essence of leadership and it is important to have a moral code in place so that there is a way of living which is easy to follow as well as prosperous in the long run 

Whenever an employee behaves inappropriately or make decisions that shows poor judgement it usually reflects bad on the company These errors reveal a culture that lacks proper organizational systems or one that is insensitive to ethical considerations Similarly commendable behavior is an indication of organizational culture that is infused with integrity and a sense of responsibility LPaine A good example of how a culture of integrity at an organization shaped behavior is the way Johnson Johnson handled the Tylenol crisis in 1982 The painkiller that is the company's best selling product cyanide laced capsules of Extra Strength Tylenol caused seven people to die in the Chicago area more than three decades ago Paine A nationwide recall of Tylenol capsules was made to prevent more deaths as a result of product tampering It was predicted that the Tylenol brand would never recover from the incident but a couple of months later Tylenol was back on the market with tamper proof packaging Its share of analgesic market plummeted from 37 percent to 7 percent after the sabotage but their numbers climbed up quickly back to 30 percent after just one year later Rehak Albert Tortorella a managing director at Burson Marsteller Inc the New York public relations firm that advised Johnson Johnson said that nobody recalled anything before 1982 Johnson Johnson recalled 31 million bottles of Tylenol capsules from stores and offered to replace the product free of charge with the safer tablet form

Even though the company's chairman James Burke was widely admired for taking control of the situation by placing consumers first and pulling the capsules off the market it was in reality not one decision but hundreds of decisions made by individuals from all levels of the organization The Tylenol decision serves as a reflection of the organization s culture and it is clear that integrity is deeply embedded into their culture The decision to act ethically and keep the public's best interest in mind is a clear indication of a shared set of values and guiding principles that is deeply ingrained throughout the organization The decision did not rest on one person s shoulders many individuals agreed on what they believed was the right action to take during the crisis and the result would not have been as successful if the whole company did not share the same high values and integrity on all levels of the organization The Tylenol crisis serves as a real life example where a company's decisions passed

The Four Way Test and is now known to be a company of high integrity because of it As soon as the deaths were linked to the consumption of Tylenol capsules Johnson Johnson immediately took responsibility for it and recalled the products This made them suffer a loss of more than 100 million dollars They did not make up any excuses and told the public the truth their products have been tampered with Their solution was fair to all concerned They replaced the products on store shelves with products in the safer tablet form and they created tamper proof packaging Their actions built goodwill and better friendships with others Their share of analgesic market climbed 22 percent merely one year after the crisis which clearly shows that the public's trust in the product have been restored The last requirement of The Four Way test is to be beneficial to all concerned The company recovered its reputation because of the actions it took customers faith in the product have been restored and even investors had little to complain about since then If someone invested 1000 in the company on September 28 1982 they would have had 22 062 only 20 years later

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