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For my history isu I'm going to be talking about The Great Canadian Flag Debate The Great Flag Debate was a debate that took place in 1963 and 1964 The Debate was for when a new design for the national flag of Canada was chosen My thesis is going to be As you know Canada never had an official flag since 1965 The Canadian Flag we now have representing Canada was not the same flag we had back in the day Before 1965 they've used the flag with Union jacks It was the Canadian Red Ensign it was a British red ensign with the union flag in the canton and had the shield of the coat of arms That was out official flag of Canada from 1921 1957 Now we have this red white and red flag with a big Maple Leaf in the middle Back in the day there was different designs for the Canadian flag and didn't know which one to use to represent Canada which ended up going as The Great Canadian Flag Debate In 1958 a poll was taken Let's just say over 80 of the people wanted a national flag that is different from any other nation and the other 60 of the people wanted their flag to bear the maple leaf Many citizens have submitted many different designs Around more than 3 000 Canadian flag designs had been submitted around 2 000 had submitted maple leafs in their designs close to 400 had submitted designs with the union jack more than 300 had submitted their designs with beavers and more than 300 had submitted a design with the fleur de lis a fleur meaning flower and lis meaning lily Specifically there were three main designs for the new flag The images above show us the three main designs

The first flag design is the red ensign with the fleur de lis and also contains the union jacks The second flag design is the red white and red with the maple leaf in the middle which is the white part and finally the third flag design has three maple leaves with blue on the sides this flag design is similar to the second design These are the three main flag designs Out of the three main designs they've picked the red white and red with the maple leaf in the middle This design was based on the flag of the Royal Military college of Canada These are some reasons on why this flag design was chosen The Canadian flag shows independence and suggest separate and unique values laws and identity the colours reflected the 1921 National Colours of Canada the maple leaf was already a symbol used by our Armed Forces the maple tree was also an important part of the Canadian economy the flag does NOT highlight race or religion Rather it represents all citizens of Canada there were NO symbols of French of English and the two bands represent Canada from sea to sea This design was sketched and created by George Stanley George Stanley is a Canadian historian teacher author and many more he is also the current designer of the canadian flag George Stanley had won and had gotten his flag design and idea and is now our national flag that is representing Canada But before he won George Stanley had written a letter to John Matheson John Matheson is a Canadian lawyer a judge and a politician He was the politician who had helped with the

Canadian flag but more specifically he had helped the maple leaf flag develop George Stanley wrote to John Matheson about his ideas about the flag and what the design could look like The end of his letter to John Matheson he had sketched out an image of what our first official flag would may look like This is now Canada's official flag Lester B Pearson was a Canadian scholar statesman soldier prime minister and many more Lester B Pearson believed that the Red Ensign and the Union jack was not going to be a choice to represent Canada or be the flag And on the other hand there was John Diefenbaker an imperialist he was the 13th prime minister of Canada John George Diefenbaker wanted the Union flag design on the new Canadian flag in the place of honour In conclusion the flag debate had ended in February 15 1965 on the Parliament Hill in Ottawa In which the Prime Minister the Governor General the members of the cabinet and many more were there And so the Red Ensign was lowered down and the new flag the Maple Leaf was raised up So the new flag had made its first appearance on February 15 1965 So we ve learned that Canada has now adopted a new flag which meaning that Canada is now and will always be a strong and independent country Even though not all of the citizens were on board with this new flag that now represents Canada as an individual as to a colony

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