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The Great Gatsby is not just a book written by F Scott Fitzgerald it is a Story that sparks discussions and is the most known one out of all F Scott uses the main character Jay Gatsby who catches the eyes of his readers to portray that love rules almost everything Throughout the story readers find out that Gatsby is a rich man who surrounds himself with wealthy people and expensive items and he is a very brave kind hearted and optimistic person who is nice to have around First things first Jay Gatsby is one of the most ambitious and optimistic characters in Literature he always looks at life in a positive way Life Is much more successfully looked at from single window Fitzgerald 9 few people would remain optimistic after all the problems and hard life Gatsby has went through James Gatz was the son of poor farmers from North Dakota He grew up working for a millionaire which encouraged him to spend most of his time working on being successful and rich Gatsby and Daisy have been together some years before until She left him due to his lack of currency Jay always believed that Calmness wasn't an end in itself Fitzgerald 19 he believed that new beginnings happen often After leaving the military Gatsby focused on making money and getting the love of his life Daisy Gatsby really liked daisy and after she left him he put his whole life into making more money and becoming more successful 

The oxford man believed that one day he will eventually win over his love Daisy No amount of fire or freshness can challenge what a man will store up in his ghostly heart Fitzgerald 34 Gatsby threw a lot of parties frequently so people started hearing more about him however Gatsby is throwing these parties to get a better image for the public Gatsby made his money from illegal production of alcohol this not only gave him wealth but it got him his love of his life Jay was usually a very happy and down to earth on top of the world type of person he threw parties almost every two days And I like large parties They're so intimate At small parties there isn't any privacy Fitzgerald 23 he went out swimming and exploring which led to him being a very happy person who loves the joy of life jay always admired the beauty of life and kept complimenting the beautiful nature And so with the sunshine and the great bursts of leaves growing on the trees just as things grow in fast movies I had that familiar conviction that life was beginning over again with the summer Fitzgerald 19 which truly shows how much Gatsby enjoys nature and admires the beauty of it constantly making comments about it Gatsby believed that during the beginning of every season rebirth happens and one starts his life all over again Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall Fitzgerald 29 showing rebirth at every season during the year which is Gatsby's personality that is always happy and admiral His best friend is Nick Caraway who he always relied on and always trusted him more than anyone else Nick always came in the aid of Gatsby whenever he needed anything he was truly his only real friend and he was the only person who showed up at his funeral

This young man got himself in a lot of problems and nick was always coming for his aid Through the story we can tell that Gatsby is a very loving person and he portrays his feelings to others the way they really are A very known trait of Gatsby Is his kind heartedness he never held a grudge against anyone and was friendly to everyone often he had some problems with other people but they get solved easily due to him always being a forgiving person He had some tension with Tom as Tom always had a mask on and was dishonest and Nick knew that I am one of the few honest people that I have ever known Fitzgerald 10 for the fact that Nick was Jay s best friend and was always honest towards him never hiding any secrets that might harm him Gatsby loves Daisy from all his heart and he worked almost all his life trying to make money in order to get her to love him and give her the life she wanted to the point where Gatsby bought that house so that Daisy would be just across the bay Brauer 5 close to daisy so he can create a close friendship with her that will later on evolve to a love relationship To wrap up Gatsby is mostly contrasted with Tom people always thought of Gatsby as the sober happy funny and entertaining whilst in contrast to Tom is a cold hearted mad bully whereas Gatsby has a good heart

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