Essay Example on The Greenhouse Effect and Global Warming








When the Earth’s atmosphere and ocean warms up its called global warming The earth’s temperature was speculated to be increasing over time due to human pollution The amount of pollution that humans have produced has caused accumulation of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere The greenhouse effect is the warming of the Earth’s surface and the air above it It is called the greenhouse effect because it s very much like a greenhouse The way a greenhouse work is it keeps the plants inside warm Its then kept in the greenhouse glass so the warmth can t escape A greenhouse works the same why as the atmosphere The atmospheric gases work the same as the roof of a greenhouse would In the daytime the sun s warmth goes through the atmosphere and during the night Earth s surface is cooled relieving the atmosphere of heat Heat can possibly be trapped by greenhouse gases in the atmosphere The summary of what global warming is a slow increase of atmospheric temperature connected to the greenhouse effect and its gases HISTORY Morocco first was brought up as an Islamic country in the 7th century Many empires established settlements The Arabs eventually conquered Morocco and brought the Islam religion with them Even though Morocco wasn t initially extremely Islamic bringing the Islam religion onto them wasn t very hard It wasn t hard because there were already many Islam established settlements and it was the norm Being Islamic from the beginning has affected many choices in Morocco s history Morocco has acknowledged global warming but hasn t done that much about it One of the reasons they haven t is because the Islamic religion doesn t believe in global warming and climate change They think religion is a bigger priority over anything else In 2004 Morocco tried to help the environment not specifically global warming by signing a joint statement that agreed to focus on environmental priorities Then in 2013 the US pledged a loan of 300 million to the countryside of Morocco to improve the management of the natural resources Eventually Morocco needs to face the reality of their environmental problems and focus less on religion THREAT

Morocco is participating in climate talks aimed to set The Paris Accord Agreement in motion This shows Morocco is concerned with global warming There is an international agreement that states many requirements for major countries to help pollution its called The Paris Agreement The agreement says to have countries accountable for their agreements to make better investments to provide poor countries in building emission reducing economies So if that all doesn t prove that Morocco is concerned by the threat of global warming I don t know what does Morocco also happens to be very scared with the harsh drought that happened the last few years These droughts have affected the agriculture and depressed the economy in Morocco These droughts appear to have to do directly with global warming but there are not enough facts to prove this theory In order for Morocco to stop these droughts they have to find out what causes them and how to fix it ACTION To help reduce the effects of global warming Morocco has took on a series of environment policies to save its own resources Morocco made the Plan Vert or green strategy to help with the threat of global warming Morocco is storing natural underground water due to new policies that protect this natural resource while making sure there is enough water to go around to meet agricultural needs because there has been so many droughts Morocco is making an effort to conserve its underground aquifers Aquifers are a natural source of freshwater that if left clean and undisturbed replenishes itself Morocco has decreased charges on diesel gasoline and heavy fuel oil to encourage more efficient use of energy Doing this reduces emissions into the atmosphere and thus reducing global warming effects

The Plan Vert aims to protect the environment as well as the lives of Moroccans Morocco has begun treating its ocean as a natural resource with the same importance as the land with improved management and development of the ocean It's A win for the environment and for current and future generations of Moroccans PLAN If I were run Morocco I would have an action plan First Morocco needs to continue researching in depth the very complex problem that is global warming Second we need to look for practical simple to implement policies in areas of Morocco s greatest concerns Those being droughts agriculture emissions and much more Third Morocco needs to find ways to finance those solutions Forth continue engaging allies in overcoming global problems In order for Morocco to be successful in this plan they need to have a system that keeps them in check

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