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The healthcare system is one of Canada's defining national characteristics Its well known label free healthcare creates an assumption that all health services are paid for As it turns out prescription drugs and services such as dental vision and several mental health services are not included in Canada s Medicare Even if uncovered expenses are paid through an employer provided health insurance there is a growing concern about the high cost and lack of uninsured services As a result it questions the comprehensiveness and universality of our health care system One of the issues in the healthcare system is the large spending and lack of universal coverage on pharmaceuticals The growing drug cost has the largest impact on individuals who do not have private health insurance as they must pay out of pocket There are employers who provide health insurance however it is not a requirement and benefits vary between provinces and territories Fortunately my parents receive health insurance from their employer As a result my family avoids a 300 monthly cost for my dad s diabetes medication Imagine this scenario in groups such as low income families and individuals with chronic conditions and disabilities Low income populations often work minimum wage jobs where employers do not provide health insurance There is an option of purchasing private health insurance but it is a luxury that they cannot afford To illustrate a friend of mine does not have health insurance as her mother s employer does not provide health benefits 

As a student she tries to find part time jobs that provide health insurance but she has not had any luck Even though she pays the health insurance the university offers it only covers a small percentage leaving her to pay the rest of the fee Therefore when my friend feels ill she avoids visiting the doctor as she has no intention buying the prescribed medicine It is even worse for the uninsured disabled and chronically ill population as their medication is a necessity Even if they have insurance a percentage of their medication is paid for but the high cost of medication can quickly add up Another notable issue is the management and lack of funding for mental health services The World Health Organization n d defines health as a state of complete physical mental and social well being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity The mental state of humans is recognized as a fundamental aspect of our health yet the lack of investment in mental health services in Canada say otherwise Stigmas surrounding mental illness is a huge concern as it negatively affects the health of people It prevents people from reaching out for help and increases the burden of having a mental illness

When my friends suspected they had a mental illness they had a difficult time finding resources and often felt neglected For instance when my friend reached out to the mental health service at her university she was given a questionnaire to assess her mental state Since she was not suicidal she was given an appointment for counselling three months later The long wait time and assessment stating she is not in critical condition made her doubt the existence of her anxiety discouraging her to reach out to other services Another friend who felt depressed visited his family doctor to ask for help and in return he received antidepressants He continues to take antidepressants but states that he needs counselling as he feels his mental state is worsening Unfortunately setting an appointment with a psychiatrist have long wait times and therapist or psychologist are not included as insured services Mental illness does not solely affect individuals but the economy as well Last semester I took a course on mental health and learned that mental illness decreases individual and social productivity 

The loss of productivity at work leads to a loss in economic output Goldner et al 2016 Investing in reducing mental health issues not only helps the health of Canadians but the economy as well Bringing mental health issues as a public concern have the ability to reduce stigma as it has the possibility of opening a discussion about mental health Changes in mental health policy and funding can encourage Canadians to reach out for help and have proper services to reduce mental health issues in Canada I am proud of the principles the Canadian health care system advocates but it is far from perfect The system is a paradox where Canadians pride themselves in the universality and comprehensiveness of our system yet lack a universal drug coverage and have scarce mental health services It faces many challenges due to the changing health landscape and needs of our society New solutions and changes are necessary to produce an effective outcome and provide the best health care system to Canadians

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