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The history of America Begin of the founding The history began with a fight 10 000 Before Christ of the Indigenous people There formed a lot of cultures in America In 1942 a man named Christopher Columbus arrived and started a colonization of the America Most of the country s and colonies formed in 1600 and after Spanish people built a lot of small buildings and settlements in Florida And the people out of France built their place along the Mississippi River and also near the Gulf coast These two places are very famous places in America In 1770 the British people contained more than 2 5 million human along the coast east of the mountains After the war with the French and the Indians in the 1760s imposed the British government a lot of new rules and taxes by resecting the colonist argument that new rules and some taxed need their approval Armed conflict The conflict which was armed began in the year 1775 And in 1776 the SCC Second Continental Congress declared a new independent Nation They named this country the U S A The leader was George Washington and with him they won the revolutionary war with big support from France The treaty in 1783 gave the new country the land east of the River They established a new and central government but it was not affectibal with stability as it could not collect taxes and had no executive officer In 1787 was written a new 

Constitution in a convention And in 1791 the was added a Bill of Rights to make the inalienable right With the first president George and his adviser Alexander Hamilton was a strong and central government created By purchasing the Louisiana Territory in 1803 in France they made the size of the USA double So there came a second war which was the final This was held with the British army Expectations By the notion of the manifest destiny the United States place was expanded up to the Pacifics Coast After all was the United States in large places of area Where the population in 1790 4 million was was the population growing very rapid in a short time It reached 7 200 000 000 people in 1820 The expectation was to reach this goals in 1850 instead of 1820 In these people there were a lot of slave owners and farmers The country needed a lot of farmers so this was a big advantage for the country In the course of the eighteenth century the philosophes started the colonial exploitation They defended the principle of equality Some of them especially the French were even of the opinion that the process of colonization both Europe and the colonies had brought nothing but only disasters The Europeans also were often in fight often in cooperation with various Indians in order to strengthen or expand their colonial empires The major powers especially France and 

England to a lesser extent Spain strove the largest possible part of the world to master Also to North America they carried out a big fight A series of wars was the consequence These are mostly named after the reigning monarchs In the politics of this period dynastic interests often played a decisive role This was for the British Government reason to further expansion to the West It was intended that the Appalachian Mountains as the destination The English army tried through various tax measures to take to the American citizens pay to the military costs of the Empire The native inhabitants of America The start of the humans in America The first European colonists were sitting with a problem when they discovered that America was inhabited these people were not mentioned in the Bible The first theories were often religious and mythological in nature Often was however believed that the Indians were one of the lost tribes of Israel or the survivors of Atlantis History of the religion There the tribes of Israel in 721 Before Christus had left had to the arrival of the Indians in America at that time or a bit later than 500 Before Christus many theories of that time had a strong racist component The Indians themselves were not deemed skilled enough with high quality civilizations like those of the Maya creation which had to be founded by the Western visitors French Britain and the Spanish In some theories about the origin of the Indians is still not completely gone The Mormons still believe that Indians are descendants of the Israelites 

More idealistic set researchers even believed that the Indians had not experienced the fall the first Indians who met Christopher Columbus were naked and therefore straight from paradise Beringia and Clovis In the 19th century was scientifically investigated first the origin of the Indians Archaeological research made it clear that America long before 500 Before Christus was inhabited The Czech American Ales Hrdlicka was in the beginning of the 20th century one of the first who assumed that the Indians had been drawn to America via Bering Hrdlicka was of the opinion that human habitation in America could not be older than a few thousand years In 1876 had a physician and amateur archaeologist Charles Abbott found in the U S all tools which he estimated the age on 10 000 years These finds were initially rejected by Hrdlicka and his associates The next time it is expected to find even more indications of the culture during excavations in Tennessee Maryland and Texas will be within 50 years Most evidence is probably under water the places where the Europeans have come to country are now up to 160 kilometres from the coast and 20 kilometres under sea

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