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The impacts of social media Social media has become increasingly provocative in Australia because of its popularity to young Australians This essay will show that the effects of the social media are beneficial to young Australians It will show this by examining the concern of relationship cyber bullying and mental illness on young Australians It will also show that the benefits of popularity of social media far outweigh the challenges Firstly social media is beneficial to the relationships of young Australians to other people Because social media is the easiest way to interact with other people it improves relationship with buddies and boost companionships Bourgeois Bower Carroll 2014 p 171 It also helps on having a closer bond between companions and acquaintances by sharing difficulties with each other In addition relationships can be benefits to young people who transfer from one place to another and want to retain attachment and gain new acquaintances simultaneously Collin Rahilly Richardson Third 2011 p 17 Further Subrahmanyam Greenfield 2008 claims that social media ensure a contented connection for those young ones that are not at ease on having groups in person This indicates that social media creates a long lasting and steady relationship for young people However social media has become increasingly controversial because of the issues of cyber bullying amongst young Australians For instance Pangrazio 2013 p 45 reports says young people are the ones who are being affected with this online bullying

This matter affects one s confidence and progression Yet evidence reported by Hinduja and Patchin 2011 revealed that mostly people who knew each other are the ones who are involved in this harassment However it is also revealed that bullying starts offline and being aimed online AAP 2011 Paul 2012 Willard 2007 The negative features and difficulties of social media to racial discrimination is usually the main distress of the people in Victoria Australia Rice Haynes Royce Thompson 2016 p 13 Furthermore body and image shaming are also one of concerned for those who are connected online because of the large numbers of viewers on social media Flaxman Skattebol Bedford Valentine 2012 p 67 This shows that social media is a huge source on humiliating and shaming other young people Finally young people who struggle with mental illness issues benefits through social media support An evidence supported by Collin Rahilly Richardson Third 2011 p 7 clearly states that young people ensure to easily overcome stress and depression through the comfort of friends and families by means of SNS social networking services Furthermore because social media has a lot of information to offered young ones with mental illness will be benefit with that matters They can clearly search online on the information related to one's mental illness Wong Merchant Moreno 2014 p 221 In addition Third Richardson 2009 revealed that young ones with illness gained comfort with other people This indicates that online social support helps young people on coping on mental illness Summing up it is quite clear to conclude that popularity of social media benefits young Australians despite its negative aspects to the bullying In the majority cases that factor influencing the young one s such as a positive aspect of relationship that provides stable bond for young Australians In contrast which provides young people to bully and shaming other through social media Finally for mental illness it provides possible cure information

Without the help of this social media an easy long distance connection and an easy information worldwide will be unable Furthermore it will be hard to achieve a flexible life for young Australians References Bourgeois A Bower J Carroll A 2014 Social networking and the social and emotional wellbeing of adolescents in Australia Australian Journal of Guidance and Counselling Vol 24 Issue 2 167 182 http dx doi org 10.1017 jgc 2014 14 Collin P Rahilly K Richardson I Third A 2011 The benefits of social networking services A literature review Melbourne VIC Young and Well Cooperative Research Centre Technology and Wellbeing http www uws edu au __data assets pdf_file 0003 476337 The Benefits of SocialNetworking Services pdf Flaxman S Skattebol J Bedford M Valentine K 2012 Body image and disadvantaged vulnerable youth final report National Youth Affairs Research Scheme Commonwealth of Australia Pangrazio L 2013 Young people and Facebook What are the challenges to adopting a critical engagement Digital Culture Education Vol 5 Issue 1 34 47 Retrieved from http www digitalcultureandeducation com cms wp content uploads 2013 06 DCE_ 1068_ Pangrazio pdf Rice E S Haynes E Royce P Thompson S C 2016 Social media and digital technology use among Indigenous young people in Australia A literature review International Journal for Equity in Health Vol 15 1 16 10 1186 s12939 016 0366 Swist T Collin P McCormack J Third A 2015 Social media and the wellbeing of children and young people a literature review Retrieved from http www uws edu au __data assets pdf_file 0019 930502 Social_media_an d_children_and_young_people pdf Wong C A Merchant R M Moreno M A 2014 Using social media to engage adolescents and young adults with their health Healthcare Vol 2 Issue 4 220 224 10 1016 j hjdsi 2014 10 005

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