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With all due respect to your recently written report regarding the importance of genetics over teaching I couldn t agree less To be straight forward your understanding of genetics does contain substantial evidence but is greatly partialized and misled at the same time I will address the issue with a psychological approach with the methodological considerations of the twin study and the adoption study All observable human traits are greatly affected by our genes however these traits will only be expressed in response to stimulus in the environment Genes are part of DNA strands that are coiled around histones which will unravel and form visible traits when genes interact with the environment Hence it can be concluded that it is neither genes or environment that decides our characteristics but a complex interaction between both factors Human intelligence is partially decided by heritage however it will not express unless it is stimulated by good education The classical twin study involves the comparison of monozygotic and dizygotic twins If genetic factors influence the trait in question monozygotic twins who share 100 of their genetic material should be more similar than dizygotic who like ordinary siblings share on average only 50 of their genetic material Studies of a range of psychological traits indicate that these children remain as concordant as monozygotic twins raised by parents who treated them as identical Molecular genetic methods of heritability estimation have offered evidence that the equal environments assumption of the classic twin design may be sound Similarly an adoption study involves determining the degree to which adopted individuals resemble both their biological relatives an indication of genetic influences as well as their adoptive relatives an indication of shared environmental influences 

As is the case with twin studies the assumptions that underlie the adoption study have drawn much empirical investigation most of which is generally supportive of the utility of this method The evidences above have drawn substantial empirical attention that has generally supported the basic validity of these methods To sum up the interplay of genetics and environment combined determine our intelligence with the evidence of the twins and adoption study According to many studies of intelligence three types of intelligence are distinguished as necessary to be successful in schools as well as in society The most successful student in school is not always be the smartest student in school which indicates that there are many other forms of intelligence that are equally important The academic form of intelligence that is commonly known as IQ is related to success in studies and leadership positions but it is not the sole element An emotional intelligence involves knowledge of emotions in oneself and others It is related to ability to build relationships at with other students to monitor and control emotional displays and to display appropriate feelings Lack of emotional intelligence often derails individuals who act out and throw tantrums or alienate fellow students The third important form of intelligence is social intelligence and it involves understanding social situations relationships and knowing what to do in a given situation Although social intelligence are not as well know as the other intelligences researches show that it is most important form of intelligence for leadership success Many people believe that intelligence is innate and fixed while in fact it is highly flexible and are able to improve through constant practice In response to your argument of school education there are several valid adjustments that can be made 

With the objective of reducing unnecessary education expenditure colleges should eliminate pointless courses while at the same time increase trainings on the basics of extended writing mathematical and scientific modelling and problem solving Governments should focus more attention on education and promote its overall quality by providing better resources and teachers with basic education psychology knowledge Every individual children possess unique traits that can only express its full potential when the correct domain of education is used to stimulate the related genes With this theory the conclusion that we should select appropriate programs for different students is evident However this resolution also raises the question of whether we should use genetics as the determining factor We can not deny the function of genes in determining our strengths and weakness Way back in 1932 Harold Carter found statistical evidence that whether people want to become doctors commodities traders ranchers firemen automobile salesmen or any number of other occupations has a genetic component identical twins are attracted to more similar jobs than fraternal twins even than same sex fraternal twins Subsequent research has shown that genes affect fairly specific dimensions of job preferences 

For instance a study by University of Minnesota psychologist Tom Bouchard and his colleagues showed that 21 percent of the difference between people in their interest in law enforcement is genetic while Deborah Betsworth and Bouchard found that genes explain about 46 percent of the difference between people in their interest in academic comfort Taken this into account in my opinion we should not use genetic information in determining who does what Both ethical and methodological problems are in existence under this type of program First of all in a modern society free will is considered as a basic human right Using genetics to determine what we do may be effective in discovering our strength but it may not be our interest or choice The decision of our future should always be within our own hands or any scientific development would be considered unethical Moreover our genetic information are concealed and hidden unless stimulated thus it methodological invalid to state that we are able to determine the ultimate strength of each individual To sum up despite all the debates around genetics we should hold the key concept that genetic coding is not our destination Bibliography

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