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The Industrial Revolution was the change from hand tools and work to new manufacturing processes It began in Britain and was spread throughout other countries in later years The Industrial Revolution occurred in the eighteenth century from 1760 to 1840 This helped many people and is still helping many people today Before the Industrial Revolution people lived in cottages and they lit their them by the use of fire People made their own food and clothing They did not have any transportation devices so they were only able to travel as far as their legs would take them The Industrial Revolution began in Britain in the 1700 s This was because Britain had an abundance of coal iron and wealth They also had a stable government that encouraged new products and businesses Throughout the years industrialization spread to other countries such as France Germany and America They also had an abundance of coal and iron by this time Britain was not a fan of this and they tried to enforce strict rules against it They made it so they were not allowed to sell machines This did not work considering that spreading still occurred Will Cockerill created the first spinning factory in Belgium in Europe This helped the Textile Industry These were the people in charge of cotton making The Textile Industry was the first industry during the Industrial Revolution to see growth and progress Factories were also developed during the Industrial Revolution Spinners and weavers came to work in these factories because many machines were being created This doomed the putting out system The putting out system was when some people would one part of the cloth making and others would be a different part of it This was all done in people's homes Tools were created to help people make the cloth items at a faster rate

These spinning tools included the Flying Shuttle Spinning Jenny and the Water Frame Transportation was another thing that was advanced during this time Turnpikes were created which were private roads to connect every major town During the Automobile Age in the late 1800's railroads and trains were created In America Orville and Wilbur Wright created the very first airplane Before the Industrial Revolution rivers and canals were used to ship coal raw meat and finished goods but in the 1800 s the steam locomotive was created This could go places that the rivers and canals could not go After this prices fell because it costed less to ship resources Communication was also advanced during this time The first radio was invented in 1860 in Italy Another thing that came with the Industrial Revolution was invented by Samuel Morse Samuel Morse was the inventor of the telegraph which was a device created in the 1830 s that was used to send a message to another person along a long distance wire He was also co developer of the Morse Code invented in 1844 In 1866 a successful undersea cable to relay messages was laid by Cyrus West Field In 1876 Graham Bell invented the first telephone All of this advancement during the Industrial Revolution many people moved into the cities and this was known as urbanization Many people had to move to the cities because there was a demand for workers a change in farming and there was population growth Population was also increasing during this time because less people were passing away due to starvation because they no longer had to grow their own food With the new population growth new social classes were in order Before this there were only two main social classes nobles and peasants

The social classes depended on if you owned land or not Now there were three social classes There was the upper class middle class lower class and at the base were the working class The upper class families were made up of the richest families The middle class was made up of doctors and scientists These people got to live in spacious homes with paved streets and they got to wear nice clothes and eat well The women of this class stayed home to take care of the family The lower class was made up of teachers and office workers These people only made enough to take care of their families Peasants of the working class struggled to take care of their families and they had to live in slums or tenements They had no sanitation or sewages systems The working class people had a rough life Women were forced to work more than man during the Industrial Revolution because they were trained and they already knew what they were doing They had to work as long as the men if not longer and they were paid less than the men The women during this age also struggled with government problems Women did not have fairness in marriage divorce or property laws Women also had a suffrage struggle The government said they did not want women to vote because they were too emotional They began to fight for the right to vote in the 1800 s and they did not get the right until after WWI Children of the working class were forced to work These children began working between the ages of five and seven The reason children were chose to work is because they could fit in places that adult men and women could not fit in and they did not have to pay the children as much These children had to work in tough conditions and they were not in healthy living The Industrial Revolution has brought many things to the world and has made our world a much better place Without the Industrial Revolution our world would be a much different place Even though there were some down sides during this time period I am very thankful that this happened and we can now live with all the Revolution has given us

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