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Research Paper The influence of Ancient Rome on Modern Civilization The Ancient Romans have impacted our present day society immensely Although their empire began as early as 753 BC it has affected many countries to this very day Their language construction of various innovations and democratic government was very influential even to this very day The Romans established language was Latin The Influence of The Roman Empire While English has a plentiful amount of words that originate from the Latin language it had a greater impact on eastern empires The Influence of The Roman Empire The people of Italy Spain and many more eastern countries depended on the Latin language The Influence of The Roman Empire Even though the Latin language adopted its alphabet from the Greeks the letters are structured very similarly into the shapes we know today The Influence of The Roman Empire Rome was accountable for the expansion of the Latin language which formed the principle for Western language such as English The Influence of The Roman Empire Latin is taught as a way for helping students grasp a better understanding for the English language Latin roots form the building blocks of many day to day words

The Roman numeral system is a set of symbols that represent numbers which were always read from left to right The numerals were primarily used for calculations but tended to be used for other reasons The wealthy received a higher education than the poor and used the numerals more often The Influence of The Roman Empire The uses of Roman numerals were affected by wealth gender and social class The Influence of The Roman Empire Many individuals do not notice that we still use Roman numerals at times In this scenario the Super Bowl has been using them for fifty two years this year's Super Bowl will appear as Super Bowl LII Roman numerals typically appeared in clocks a couple decades ago Literature is a subject where Roman influence is remarkable Roman authors often developed and built upon the Greek s unique writing style The Influence of The Roman Empire Many writers have been persuaded by the Romans The most famous writer in Rome was Julius Caesar The Influence of The Roman Empire He was also known for being a politician and general Roman government ancient Rome With Julius Caesar s obscure actions he was responsible for a democratic change in government Roman government ancient Rome The Roman sequence of making guidelines to follow had a big impact on modern democratic government Roman government ancient Rome During the era of the Roman Republic lawmaking was a very bicameral activity Roman government ancient Rome The regulations were first passed by the comitia or the convocation of the citizens The Influence of The Roman Empire The first law of code in the history of Rome was known as the Twelve tables Roman government ancient Rome The Twelve tables were a very significant influence over 

Roman statue Roman law expanded the category between local ordinances in which the state is directly involved such as with issues of betrayal and taxation and classified law concerned with disagreements between individuals Roman government ancient Rome This system was the basis for what is now known in the West as Civil law Levick 53 Roman law also influenced the development of private world wide law Roman government ancient Rome Romans had allegations and jury trials similar to our system Levick 54 Many security techniques are currently in use even as we speak and can be traced back to the earliest Roman procedures Modern society in Rome can be described as infrastructure systems The Influence of The Roman Empire Roman roads used three tiers of substructure beneath paving boulders and a prescribed inclination for the enhancement of the road allowing water from rain to drift off The Influence of The Roman Empire This provided for a smoother route for carriages Rivers and streams were the primary source of water and the oldest known source of water to man The Influence of The Roman Empire Bodies of water were used to discard of trash The Influence of The Roman Empire Aqueducts were most commonly used for showers public use making food and irrigation The Influence of The Roman Empire Romans carefully planned before they constructed Water flowed through the aqueducts by force of gravity

 The Influence of The Roman Empire As of today you can still see remains of ancient aqueducts in Rome Greece and Egypt Andrews The first Aqueducts were made from carved stone by the Assyrians but the Romans adopted and perfected them Andrews They also were responsible for the development of cement and concrete The first concrete building was composed nearly almost 2 100 years ago Andrews Concrete was expenationally weaker than its modern equivalent but proved to be durable Andrews The legacy of Rome has obviously left lasting impacts on several features of modern culture Many objects in everyday life can be detected back to the Romans emergence The suggestion of Roman influences in today's culture are clearly significant and forever impactful Works Cited Levick Barbara 4 Law The Government of the Roman Empire Taylor Francis 2000 Andrews Evan 10 Innovations that Built Ancient Rome history com news history lists 10 innovations that built ancient rome A E Networks 20 November 2013 Carr Karen Roman government ancient Rome quart us romans roman government ancient rome 2 September 2017 The Influence of The Roman Empire danxner com extramaterials art003 Final_Project influences htm 22 January 2018

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