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The influence of social media on society today Social networks have become a global phenomenon that has grown exponentially over time This phenomenon has become a new form of socialization communication and interaction between people Given its high impact on the daily lives of people and society giving a big push to globalization has often discussed the consequences of these and the impact at the functional level they represent in our lives Claim With its growing popularity the risks for users have also increased mainly related to its influence on the physical image of young people the decrease in communication between family and friends and lost of productivity through this medium Warrant Social media creates an environment in which disorderly thoughts and behaviors really thrive therefore While social media is not the cause of low self esteem it has the right elements to contribute to it For girls who have a tendency towards perfectionism anxiety and disordered eating they see images of thinness promoting happiness and online assessment can falsely fill the need for acceptance A recent study by 

The Florida State University and published by the International Journal of Eating Disorders found that a group of women who had to surf Facebook for 20 minutes experienced greater body dissatisfaction than those who spent 20 minutes googling about cats in tropical forests Despite that social media helps to be more connected often also cause people to talk less face to face this way affecting the communication between family and friends All a person have to do is go to a restaurant and see how people often pay more attention to the mobile than to their own table companions Also Social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter are a direct cause of lost productivity The average of internet use on social media overpasses the two hours per day according to a report by the GlobalWebIndex Each hour invested in social networks by a person dependent on the apps is equivalent to a loss of productivity of 13 daily which concludes that in The United States the Internet mobile is not used as a mechanism of productivity but of leisure GlobalWebIndex 

On the other hand social networks have given many people the opportunity to communicate and express themselves they also allow individuals to meet new people one can exchange opinions and even meet someone who had been away With social networks people interact in a way that in another context would not be possible Before there were the letters on paper now with a simple WhatsApp People are connected instantly They allow immediacy and a virtual communication capable of reaching many recipients Undoubtedly social networks changed the way people communicates and learn about everything that happens around them Even they play a fundamental role in the news as a large percentage of the news that appear in traditional media such as television and print media is now on social networks A study called Social Media Motivations that made Global Web Index in Q1 reveals that globally 41 of Users log in to catch up on breaking news For journalism social networks is a fundamental tool because it allows them to find content that they could not otherwise obtain All people have a smartphone at their fingertips to portray situations and publish them immediately This content is very valuable for any journalist since from that wealth of information they can tell stories and last minute news globalwebindex Also Social media are a prominent way to get to know each other quickly and effectively in the world This same reason led companies to make themselves known through advertising Therefore this medium provides a tool that facilitates the collection of data for those interested in knowing about the person or company called profile The profile contains a range of information that allows access to what certain people likes 

Using the above companies can create more effective advertising to the type of audience they want to attract granting exclusivity to the desired customers Not to mention the classic added value that can be obtained for it People are increasingly prone to advertising on social networks because eventually, people spend most of their time absorbed in this social environment This accredits and strengthens the prevailing need to have a way to communicate with people and verify the effectiveness of advertising, In conclusion, Social media is a powerful tool to communicate and can be beneficial if we know how to take advantage of all their potential either for one's own use or for a business however risks like its influence on the physical image of young people the decrease in communication between family and friends and lost of productivity that individuals can prevent with proper information Therefore what will mark that these tools are beneficial or not will be the use people give them

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