Essay Example on The Kardashians Their every waking moment is the business of the American Public









If Kylie Jenner so much as buys a new sofa her fans and critics alike will know and have an opinion When Kim Kardashian named her children the globe was fully aware and had input This one family has arguably endured the most criticism an American family has faced excluding the upstanding current first family of America However their harshest critics could also be considered their greatest fans And while many of their fiercest haters outwardly tear them down it is just to nurture the bitter jealousy that festers inside as they watch the It Family sell product after product and grace the covers of It Magazines across the country A similar concept can be found throughout literature as characters judge others unfairly in specific ways to satisfy their beliefs instead of looking deeper into themselves to realize the problem they have really lies within They judge based on their own experiences and from person to person this judgement fluctuates Author John Irving toys with the idea that outward judgement is subjective and is really a reflection of self conscious feeling in his work 

In A Prayer for Owen Meany John Irving utilizes indirect characterization to exhibit the ambiguity in the perception of character and the hypocrisy of judgements stemming from insecurity Irving s manipulation of indirect characterization throughout the novel emphasizes the sensitivity of judgements of a character s inherent goodness For example when the Reverend Merrill is revealed as Johnny s father his persona cracks The Rev Lewis Merrill was so intellectually detached from his faith that he could not accept a small but firm miracle when it happened 543 Until this crucial moment Merrill is seen as one of the most upstanding men in Gravesend but his mistakes greatly destroy all the positive reputation he has built up over years in the eyes of his newfound son he is despicable Reverend Merrill is consequently vilified while the miracle in question Owen Meany himself is perceived as angelic Hence when Johnny feels the late Owen Meany s presence in his father's office And there was the ball that Owen Meany hit and there was my wretched father asking me to forgive him 543 Owen Meany killed his mother and Reverend Merrill disgraced her yet Johnny perceives

Owen as his closest friend as an angel incarnate whose godlike influence will forever stay with him Merrill on the other hand he regards as scum when in reality both are flawed men each of whom had many failings throughout their lives Thus Irving s handling of characterization throughout the story highlights the subjectivity of the perception of character John Irving employs indirect characterization to also reveal the truths behind creating judgement from stoic and unmoving beliefs as they are usually a reflection of one's shortcomings Firstly Johnny's aunt Martha believes his mother was a little simple 38 and disapproved and resented her slightly 14 Aunt Martha is a good hearted woman but childish jealousies of her dead younger sister encourage her continuation to judge what she perceives as Tabby s failings Tabitha s likeability pristine beauty and voice pull at Aunt Martha's self confidence and although she is dead Martha cannot stop elevating herself by judging her only sibling Aunt Martha uses societal boundaries to turn her nose up at Tabby her dead simple sister who was impregnated by her little fling and refused to continue her education In reality Aunt Martha feels encroached and unfavored and uses deceased Tabitha s little discrepancies to fill a void in herself Further when Tabitha calls 

Owen an angel her mother Harriet fiercely disagrees He is no such thing my grandmother said He is a mouse The Granite Mouse 104 Harriet Wheelwright s character albeit stubborn is old fashioned and proper She is preoccupied with status and reputation and the upkeep of appearance Despite Owen s tendency to be appreciated by others Harriet does not share the warm feelings and finds it difficult to see past his lineage stature and parents dirty granite business However after selling the Wheelwright factory Harriet s identity became the prestige of her name and ancestry Desperate to preserve the sanctity of the world she lives in she resists change and difference Insecurities flowering from a lack of substance form her severe judgements of Owen and his family So Irving s utilization of indirect characterization highlights that harsh judgements develop from innate issues In conclusion in A Prayer for Owen Meany John Irving manipulates indirect characterization to exhibit the abstractness in the perception of character and the hypocrisy of judgements created from one s shortcomings Through the contrasting characters of Reverend Merrill and Owen Meany Irving focuses on the touchiness of one's perception of character as different experiences provide differing opinions While both are flawed men Owen is perceived as inherently good and the reverend is not Also John Irving s utilization of indirect characterization draws out how Aunt Martha s resentment of her dead sister stems from her own insecurities and Harriet Wheelwright s intolerance of Owen and his family is in conjunction with her dislike of change These ideas are found in everyday life they are inescapable Judgements emanate from disagreement desire and countless other roots The Kardashians will continue to be the recipients of judgement and criticism and interest People will continue to judge Kylie Jenner if she decides to purchase that sofa she has been eyeing People will continue to judge Kim Kardashian if she names her child after a direction To judge is human instinct To tolerate is human strength

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