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In this assignment I am going to be reflecting on the key skill area of verbal communication mainly focusing on confidence within communication I have chosen this skill due to its importance within the social work and social care and the teaching field and because it relates towards experiences which I have faced personally Firstly I will be exploring my critical incident and how it had affected my confidence and then I aim to reflect on this incident with the use of the 1988 Gibbs Cycle of Reflection Lastly I will discuss the resources needed which could overall help me develop confidence within communication By aiming to improve this skill this will help me to remain positive and motivated and overall will help to achieve a set of objectives for example such as being more confident in lectures when providing answers to questions that are asked According to Koprowska 2010 4 communication is defined as interactive and always takes place within a relationship Firstly I am going to discuss about confidence in communication Confidence comes from positivity motivation and self reassurance Singh 2016 But confidence can also be affected in a negative manner through several ways as well for example through judgemental or negative comments from others fear and pressure Lack of confidence can lead towards negativity and poor communication as we often think about how others may respond and react to us when facing certain situations which overall we see as a fear and find worrying Remaining confident and positive is important as it is essential if you want to live a great life Malinowski 2012 It is important to have belief in yourself as it is a critical phase towards the path of success A positive mind is important in confidence within communication as it brings optimism and drastic changes such as strength and inspiration to life this is an advantage as it helps you to learn new skills and abilities and face rewarding challenges and it is also important as it allows individuals to have confidence and hope for the future Strength is important as individuals are more determined to not give up as the quote follows If at first you don t succeed try try try again Inspiration is also important as it allows you to have belief in yourself and provides you with positivity and motivation to achieve goals as well as to motivate others An event which I had faced would be when I had attended a lecture and questions were asked by the lecturer and when I knew the answers but was too afraid to give responses

This situation was faced due to lack of confidence and during then I feared reactions from others as I did not want to make myself look like a fool in front of everyone I think this incident may have occurred as I was a fresher and did not interact as much with peers plus the fact that I feared I would give wrong answers which could end up making me look stupid in front of peers This event may have occurred due to stage fright nervousness shyness and anxiety hence leading towards low self confidence and self esteem However in order to overcome these types of feelings it is important to believe in yourself otherwise known as self efficacy Bandura 1977 p2 defined self efficacy as the belief in one s capabilities to organize and execute the courses of action required to manage prospective situations Self efficacy theory focuses on four bases which are performance outcomes vicarious experiences verbal persuasion and emotional states In short this theory focuses on performance and action and the overall outcome and ways on how to improve the outcome The theory plays a critical role on how we think behave and feel Before arriving to university I did manage to acquire some aspects of confidence within communication through primary school and secondary school along sixth form as well At primary school I managed to make friends however I did face a bit of bullying which affected my confidence and self esteem I learnt to ignore the harassment but had made sure this issue was sorted out later on with the parents and teachers

Secondary was not what I expected I got along well with most peers but some I had found quite troubling However the trouble which I had faced mainly during secondary had been when I was studying my favourite subject but the class which I was put in I had not managed to get along with the teacher well who was teaching it as he kept on picking me constantly for answers Every time he chose me I felt a wave of nerves and fear inside of me along with facing anxiety and fear There was a moment in the class where I got embarrassed and laughed at due to giving a wrong answer which definitely was an upsetting situation and this caused me to lack in confidence and self esteem and had made me feel ashamed and disappointed in myself Nevertheless I managed to overlook this situation by remaining calm relaxed and thinking positively During sixth form I became quite confident and managed to come out of my shell due to peers as they themselves were quite social and confident I guess their personality influenced me to become confident and to stand up for myself and that is something which I am proud of to achieve Peers provide support often emotional support and often encourage positive or negative behavioural engagement T E Virtanen M K Lerkkanen A M Poikkeus et al 2014

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