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The last evidence of spacetime is a relatively new finding Gravitational waves ripples in spacetime that are created when an object accelerates in space These waves need a violent event such as two black holes colliding to be created The Laser Interferometer Gravitational Wave Observatory or LIGO first detected the waves in 2015 after finishing construction in 1999 Einstein predicted gravitational waves but never believed that anyone would be able to detect them because of how precise the measurements would need to be to detect them Redd Einstein's Theory of General Relativity With an understanding of Einstein's theories we can start to understand how these theories can be applied to time travel Time travel in the future is much easier to explain than time travel into the past Einstein's theory of special relativity explains time travel in the future through time dilation To travel in the future you would have to travel at extreme speeds It is not possible to go faster than the speed of light but it is possible if you can get relatively close

You can travel into the future if you mirror the acceleration of Earth's surface gravity meaning a spaceship would have to maintain a constant acceleration of 1g 9 8 meters per second per second Sutter Hawking illustrates how much time could pass with time dilation If a ship travels at a fast enough speed a week in space would equal a 100 years on Earth The faster one moves through space the slower time passes since time is relative to one s motion Returning to earth after a week in space at relatively high speeds would mean that the space traveler would return 100 years into the future Einstein's theory of general relativity also explains future time travel but through gravitational time dilation Hawking uses this theory to explain how if one orbited close to a black hole you could travel into the future The incredible mass of the black hole would greatly warp spacetime meaning that the acceleration caused by this gravity would greatly slow down time for space travellers To put it in more numerical terms the orbit would only be 8 minutes long in space but 16 minutes long from earth Hawking Although time dilation and gravitational time dilation create great solutions for future time travel the main obstacle is that we do not have the technology to travel at such great speeds and would probably get sucked into a black hole 

The solutions for future time travel seem even less likely when we try to theorize time travel to the past We cannot use our solution of time dilation for going into the past There's no way to go faster than the speed of light Is time travel possible Many physicists believe that there are no ways to travel to the past One of the reasons that Stephen Hawking does not visualize time travel into the past is because there is no presence of time travellers in our time At the University of Cambridge on June 28 2009 Hawking held a party with an open invitation for time travellers Unfortunately for our argument Hawking did not receive any time travelling guests Hawkings hypothesizes that if time travel to the past existed then someone would have shown up to his party Billings Although if you are a defender of time travel into the past no fear because there might be a way Wormholes and CTCs are the most popular theories for time travel into the past

A wormhole is a portal through space created by energy fluctuations in positive and negative directions Osbourne They would be found at the sub sub microscopic level also known as quantum foam Time Travel Wormholes would be able to connect very distant parts of the universe The theory is that multiple wormholes were created in the big bang but can only go to certain points in the past and not any further back than the creation of the wormhole For example if there was a wormhole that went from 2017 to 1776 you could only use the wormhole to travel to 2017 or 1776 Kip Thorne of Caltech does not see how wormholes could be used because they would cave in at their creation Is time travel possible Stephen Hawking also doesn't see a wormhole having the capacity to fit humans unless advanced technology was developed Even if humans could fit into a wormhole the feedback radiation of the wormhole would dismantle the wormhole Hawking does not rule out that use of wormholes for space travel but has other fundamental valid reasons that do not advocate for time travel in the past Hawkings states that Any kind of time travel to the past through wormholes or any other method is probably impossible otherwise paradoxes would occur Hawking is most worried about the grandfather paradox

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