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The Last of the Mohicans Essay A series of novels written by James Fennimore Cooper called The Leatherstocking Tales mainly written on a character whose origin is distinctly an American Hawkeye the main character of the story and this being his Native American name had navigated in the series of stories a moral and physical frontier Setting during the 1750 s colonial America the series is dedicated to following the life conflict of Hawkeye and his adopted Native American family Hawkeyes morals he has are the ability to resolve his resourcefulness and his generosity in which made him become the standards for American heroes characteristics A chapter from Deerslayer Hawkeye refuses to shoot an attacking enemy because his enemy is unarmed with a weapon unlike he 

He rose on the instant and leveled his rifle at his uncovered foe but his finger hesitated about pulling the trigger on one whom he held at such a disadvantage Majority of people when their life is in jeopardy typically would respond with violent counteract upon them After all it is every man for himself on the frontier Hawkeye s refusal displayed his heroic nature from his actions It has also shown in the film The Last of the Mohicans his other bravery and heroic actions A hero will always face the consequences of his actions despite the penalty it has in store In the film The Last of the Mohicans Hawkeye had helped the militia return to their homes despite the consequence would be if he left camp or any other being left He had been informed that anyone that would help the colonial militia desert their post will be hung for sedition against orders Hawkeye for being brave as he can be plans protects and aids the militiamen on their escape to their homes He then stays to face the inevitable consequences so the others won't 

He is arrested imprisoned and sentenced to be hung for the actions he took on aiding the escape beings This hero may have obtained natural morals but he also has the skill of being resourceful in need to survive After growing up and learning the land while adventuring the locations he was able to find quick and clever ways to overcome the difficulties on what nature had given him In the text from 

The LeatherStocking Tales it wrote when they found themselves in such familiar contact with the grave of the dead Mohawks They are gone and they are harmless continued Hawkeye waving his hand with a melancholy smile Hawkeye had lead everyone to the safety of a burial ground He uses his resources from his surroundings by knowing that Magua one of his enemies in the story won t attack on such land which means the girls and everyone else is safe while being The film The Last of the Mohicans has many great example of his resourcefulness as well and this is how he showed his characteristic of being resourceful A hero such as Hawkeye must make quick choices that may not seem the greatest at the moment but in the long run it turns into a wonderful decision In the movie The Last of the Mohicans the second attack from Magua is occurring Hawkeye lead everyone toward a waterfall to hide from Magua By using his resources he knew that there was a cave behind the waterfall where they could take cover temporarily he also knew that Magua knew about this hiding spot and will eventually find everyone but he took the chance and he was willing to proceed his plan Leaving Cora Alice and Duncan behind in the cave for Magua to find Hawkeye advises them three to allow Magua to take them away knowing Magua will want a public death for them 

Hawkeye was going to track and follow them to regain possession of them A hero may naturally with morals and respect but he also has carried generosity In the text from the story Hawkeye had killed an Indian in self-defense since the Indian was attacking him in the first place he had carried him to the shore to allow him to drink and does anything for the dying man so then Indian forgives him for his action since Hawkeye was so kind to him and allows him to die in peace Hawkeye didn't have to forgive him he also didn't have to allow the dying Indian to drink water If people were in his situation would have thought he deserved to die and suffer Most people would have also tried to leave the scene as quickly as the self-defending was done so they wouldn't be found guilty of the crime The generosity that Hawkeye had is an important quality that made him a hero 

Throughout the whole story and the film, there were many examples of how Hawkeye was a true American hero Hawkeye characteristics shows his natural morals by helping innocent people return to their beloved homes By seeking shelter for the night in the burial ground and by leaving Cora Alice and Duncan to let Magua take them in the cave behind the waterfall shows how resourceful Hawkeye is in the story and reading Hawkeye shows his generosity by allowing the Indian whom he had killed in self-defense to drink water and to die in peace The American hero is classified by many of the variety of different qualities that Hawkeye possesses three important ones his ability to moral resolve his resourcefulness and his generosity

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