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The Latin term anorexia nervosa stands for nervous loss of appetite however it is not a very accurate description of this mental health condition Halse et al 2007 Anorexia nervosa or simply anorexia is an eating disorder characterized by very strict limitation of the food intake NHS 2018 which it is not affected by lack of appetite The primary concern for anorexic person is an extreme anxiety about the amount of fat on their body and illogical fear of weight gain by consuming too many calories which triggers the voluntary self starvation Stephenson 2017 The term anorexia nervosa was used for the first time by Sir William Gull during the nineteenth century Till 2011 However cases of women voluntarily refusing food and even starving themselves to death have already been documented in the fourth century Halse et al 2007 In 1689 Richard Morton published the first medical description of anorexia Halse et al 2007 There are various incidence statistics for anorexia available in the UK According to The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence NICE roughly one in 250 women and one in 2000 men will suffer from anorexia 2004 Approximately one in every 250 British women between ages of 15 and 30 years is affected by anorexia every year Priory 2018 According to Beating Eating Disorders Beat 2018 approximately 1 2 young women are suspected of anorexia and around 11 out of 100 thousand develop the condition every year 

Approximately 50 of people suffering from anorexia recover completely estimated 30 improve and remaining 20 remain chronically ill NICE 2004 Anorexia is the leading cause of mental health related deaths NHS 2018 Its mortality rate is estimated for 13 20 per year Howlett et al 1995 The distorted perception of self image and body leads to abnormal eating patterns excessive exercising forced vomiting or use of laxative medication NHS 2018 It is very hard to diagnose anorexia because people affected by it are not asking for help NHS 2018 and are able to hide their behaviour from family and friends for a very long time even for years Anorexia Bulimia Care 2018 The most common symptoms of this eating disorder are obsessive counting calories avoiding eating food and repetitive weighing or checking the body in the mirror NHS 2018 People with anorexia often get engaged in eating rituals such as cutting food into tiny pieces moving it around a plate or hiding parts of the meal HOPE 2018 They prefer to consume alone and avoid getting involved into social life in general HOPE 2018 Low levels of nutrition and fatigue caused by over exercising can lead to physical problems like feeling of being lightheaded or dizziness dry skin loss of hair NHS 2018 amenorrhea Stephenson 2017 infertility or osteoporosis Beat 2018 In advanced stages of anorexia when body is not protected from the heat loss by the layer of fat tissue it develops lanugo soft fine hair that can grow all over the body and face HOPE 2018 In the long term there is a risk of death from starvation or heart failure

There is also a high risk of suicide in patients with anorexia nervosa Stephenson 2018 p 738 The treatment of anorexia nervosa is very complicated and requires many different specialists like psychiatrist paediatrician for children and adolescents physician dietician psychologist social worker occupational therapist physiotherapist and nurses Halse et al 2007 Before it starts the team of specialists will carry out a detailed physical psychological and social needs evaluation to come out with a care plan NHS 2018 The main factor deciding whether the treatment is necessary is patient s low weight In order to establish how severe the problem is the Body Mass Index BMI is being calculated from patient s weight and height Kofod HOPE 2018 The treatment is recommended if there has been a weight loss of over 15 percent of the normal body weight Stephenson 2017 The main focus is put on gaining the lost calories and changing patient s eating habits into the healthy ones Halse et al 2007 

Very often anorexia is associated with low self esteem feeling anxiety or self doubt NHS 2018 The affected person has a distorted self image Beat 2018 During the psychological part of the treatment the therapist tries to overcome patient's fears and unrealistic beliefs about food and diet NHS 2018 Patients are encouraged to look at their past and try to find out what might have caused the unhealthy eating patterns to develop Priory 2018 The therapist will attempt to help the patient to deal with them and explain the differences between anorexia and healthy dieting NHS 2018 According to the Royal College of Psychiatrists medication is not usually prescribed for anorexia alone but it may be given for other symptoms such as obsessive compulsive disorder and depression RCPSYCH 2018 Most of the anorexia patients are being treated as an outpatient yet in severe cases the compulsory hospitalization is required NHS 2018 FEMINIST PERSPECTIVE 800 There are many different theories on how anorexia has originated and what are the causes of this eating disorder Anorexia is present mostly within female hence lots of interest in that topic comes from feminists Feminist theory is a sociological perspective based on

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