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The Lottery is one of the remarkable works of Shirley Jackson which was published in 1948 The endurance and impact of this short story are unmatched in the American works in the storybook canon The storyline entails a community that holds a ritualistic lottery among the citizens in every year Despite the story representing the audiences with a close knit community which participate in a social event together during this special day it ends in a twist where the winner of lottery gets executed through public stone This twist has to lead to its increased demand and continued interest to discuss and examine this story The story seems to satirize quite a number of social issues such as reluctance of people to reject the outdated traditions Although some of the members of the community talked about other nearby towns not practicing lottery the majority seems traditionalist who believes all sort of bad things which would befall the community such as crop failure At this specific day one woman Mrs Hutchinson vehemently speaks against the practice after his husband holds the winning ticket According to the rules of the game everyone from Hutchinson s family had to draw a new ticket and the one who holds the winning ticket will be rewarded by public stoning to death Jackson 1948 Initially the whole processes seemed interesting however things become darker and darkest for this family as the will have to lose one of their family members 

Despite how grossly the practice seems the town seems to merrily go along with the traditional From another view the author seems to analyze how World War II happened Owing to the fact that this story was written after World War II a critical review of the story draws a reader to believe that Shirley Jackson uses the story to symbolize the course of the war Mr Summers the one who is in charge of conducting a lottery seems to symbolize Hitler Just like Hitler the benevolent tyrant controlled the pace of war Mr Summer similarly takes charge of the lottery The community seems to symbolize Russia Just like Hitler wished he could win the support of Russia Mr Summers desires to control the community for his own reasons Mrs Hutchinson symbolizes America who enters a war that she was not supposed to be directly involved Just like Mrs Hutchison had many chances of avoiding the lottery such as by avoiding getting involved and staying at home or raising an alarm before the outcome of the lottery America too could have avoided the war or stopped the war before it happened

The Jews are not referred to the story as they are not significant enough to worth their mention As the World War II began the involved were jovial they didn't comprehend the aftermath In both cases Shirley Jackson seems to send a warning to the readers In the first case there are most barbaric traditions celebrated throughout the world Many are reluctant to address these practicesDespite the practices costing heftily a cost compared to human life by the author many people don t care All that the society cares is blindly following concepts and ideas since they have always been practiced like that While on one hand it can be viewed as a duty to follow through using the twist in the story the author portrays it as cowardice and ignorance Everyone is not giving thought to the implications nor what would transpire if they are the ultimate winners If Mrs Hutchison had fervently spoken against the lottery before it commenced maybe the whole process would have stopped and she would not have faced the harsh provision In the second case a warning to the United States and at the same time gives an advice on how they may avoid World War III America had all chances not to involve herself in the second war If she did mind her business misfortunes would not have befallen her 

Again she could have taken an active role in stopping the war If she had raised an alarm on the impacts Second World War would have maybe the war could not have happened at all Using the same argument it can be concluded that Shirley Jackson advice the United States to avoid a similar occurrence by shunning involving herself too much in foreign affairs and rather focusing on the welfare of its citizens Conclusion In summary the story seems very intense The story is filled up with emotions At the beginning the author paints a bright cheerful picture Through this Jackson sets the tone very effectively She puts the readers in suspense It is only at the 5th last paragraph that the reader discovers the horrifying incidence making the reader uncomfortable While it was not very enjoyable reading this story it is indisputable about the sheer power of writing shown by the author as well as the many thoughts and feelings she successfully evokes using this story Its impact is unmatched a great piece indeed

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