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Dilemmas are unseparated parts of our life and the same happens with the organizations they face with ethical dilemmas uncountably The main point of ethical dilemma is to find out the right and wrong side and to understand the importance and consequence of the result In this paper I will try to find the right side of the H B Fuller case in Honduras Street Children and Substance Abuse H B Fuller company is based in St Paul Minnesota experts in industrial adhesives industrial coating sealants and specialty materials in two dozen markets H B Fuller Company 2018 Kativo Chemical Industries LTD which was primarily a paint company was combined to the H B Fuller Company and in the early 1980 s they decided to enter into the adhesive business market in Latin America Kativo felt like the adhesive market in Latin America lacked competitors could be profitable and allow them to gain market share They decided to sell adhesives under the Resistol brand name to make more variety of industrial and commercial applications in Latin America In addition to this they only hired local people with hopes of creating jobs and helping to improve the standard of living Resistol was the brand name for all adhesive products including water based school glue in Honduras Donaldson 2008 p 25 In the summer of 1985 there was published an article about glue sniffing among Honduran street children in Honduras in the Honduran newspaper by Peter Ford Resistol had become the very popular inhalant drug of choice among street children in 

Honduras Since it became so popular that they started to call the children as Resistoleros In the article Ford describes the children five to twenty one years old how they fell high of the resistor how they become addicted of the drug and it was easy to find the glue on the streets and stores On the other hand there was a big social problem In the early 1980s the government deficit was further exacerbated by increasing levels of unemployment The rising unemployment falling real wages and level of existing social infrastructure in education and health care contributed to the low level of labor productivity Donaldson 2008 p 24 Hence the question is Is H B Fuller morally responsible for the addition of street children to its Resistol products Milton Friedman believed that there is one and only one social responsibility of business to use its resources and engage in activities designed to increase its profits so long as it stays within the rules of the game which is to say engages in open and free competition without deception and fraud Friedman 1970 According to Friedman H B Fuller did not do anything ethically wrong H B Fuller s goal was to make a profit not make children addicted to the drag H B Fuller did not have so much power to control or knowledge of how its product was to be misused In addition they tried to control not to sell to children by selling it with the big jars and adding the information about the poison in the labels 

However F B Fuller s mission statement is above of the Friedman s point of view will conduct business legally and ethically support the activities of its employees in their communities and be a responsible corporate citizen Donaldson 2008 The mission states that H B Fuller is responsible for the community where he is and so they are obligated to do more than focus on increasing their profits First H B Fuller by believing its moral standards was fulfilled through providing employment to help its economy In addition H B Fuller s efforts included attempts to do the best it could to prevent the effects of Resistol First Fuller in coalition with the government initiated an education program to help street kids realized the detriments of sniffing glue Second Fuller committed to controlling its distribution of the glue and asked for the government to help with this task However the government never helped regulate distribution When Honduras prohibited the sale of toluene based products to children the government rarely enforced it Because H B Fuller felt obligated to help more it discontinued glue sales in small jars paid for social workers to help children on the streets and provided information to distributors warning the dangers of Resistol H B Fuller even went to the extent of increasing its prices for the glue to deter youngsters from getting their hands on it 

Finally the company board of directors voted to stop selling Resistol adhesives on the basis that a replacement product was not on the horizon and illegitimate distribution was continuing H B Fuller clearly took numerous steps to help further prevent more youth deaths However where Fuller went wrong was at the end where they thought that by stop selling to retailers and keeping their business with industrial customers the problem would be solved Here is where H B Fuller did not act in a morally appropriate manner They still managed to check this fault by again increasing glue prices and changing its chemical form As a result Fuller was inconsistent in its practice of acting in a morally responsible manner although they acted appropriately in more ways than not throughout the dilemma

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