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6 1 Testing The main role of testing is to find errors The testing processes to the attempt every weakness and fault for the production of work It observes a way to prevent the sub assemblies assembler and final product It is observe the software which are happy to the conditions and requirements to the user expectations without fail is unacceptable manner There are different types of test that are finding to the requirements of software Each testing has its personal type of testing is address a specific testing requirement 6 2 Types of Testing Unit Testing Unit testing is utilized to design for the legal action that checks the inner programming logic is working properly and also the program input which gave by the user can get the valid outputs The internal code flow and also the all the decision branches should be checked This can be used to see the software individual unit of the applications It is done once when the completion of integration after individual unit

The unit testing is especially used to test applications business referral and system configuration it is used for basic testing Unit testing that has every a singular path of a business referral that performs accurately to it document that specifies the contents clearly defined inputs and expected output Integration testing Integration test are utilized to the test integrate software components is determines they really run as a one program The testing is extra connected and event driven inside the fundamental result of screen and fields Integration tests are demonstrated but the components were personally happiness as shown by successful is unit testing the pair of combination is components is stable and correct Integration test is especially at the unprotected the problems to target showing that arise from the combination of components Functional test Functional test is utilized to give the demonstration is system that an accessible to the functional test is specified by the technical and business requirements user manuals and documents of the system Functional test is basically depends on the subsequent items Valid Input 

The valid class to recognize the valid input is should be accepted Invalid Input The invalid input class to recognize the invalid input is should be rejected Functions The functions to recognize the application is should be exercised System procedures The procedures or the interfacing is should be invoke It is preparation of functional testing and organizations is especially for the target on requirements exclusive test case or key functions In this additionally to the systematic coverage is recognize the business process flows successive proceeds predefined process and data flow is should be contemplate for the testing To recognize the additional testing is the effective value of the current tests is decided to the functional testing is completed System Test System testing protects has never been the integration software system avoid the requirements System testing configuration is aware and predictable result Example The software testing is the integration test for configurations oriented system It is established to process descriptions and flows emphasizing pre driven process and integration tests White Box Testing White Box Testing is could be to test the software testing is information of the inner working language and structure of the software more than the purpose 

It test is utilize to test areas that will not be extend from the black box level Black Box Testing Black Box Testing is utilize to test the software that escape is any information of the inside working language and structure is started to tested The black box testing is utilize to test different kinds of testing is should be return from the source document is there in need to document It is utilize to test in which software under testing by a black box The test offers to inputs and ask to outputs It is escapes the considering how ever the software works Unit Testing Unit testing is especially utilize for conducted as part of a combined code and unit test phase of the software lifecycle However if it is not an uncommon for coding and unit testing is utilized to the conducted as two distinct phase Test strategy and approach The type of testing can be accepted manually the user must participate the testing and functional test will be written detail Features to be tested To confirm the weather entries are in correct format or not They is no duplicate entries must be allowed

All the links should be give the user to the right page Test objective All the fields and entries are should be work properly It pages should be activated from the identified link The entry screen messages and responses should not be delayed Integration Testing Software integration testing is that the testing where in a alone platform two or a lot of integrated software elements is increasing to produce failure caused by demonstrations defects The working of the integration testing is to confirm that the software application or elements that is the elements in software system or software applications in the company level one maximize interact while no the error Test Results We have the both the test case is specified the above passed successfully It is no the defects are encountered 6 3 Acceptance Testing The Acceptance testing is may be complex phase of both the projects and needs of important contributor by the user It is also to verify that system reaches needs the functional Test Results Both the test cases are specified to pass successfully

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