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The Metadata contains HTML data descriptions which will be inserted in the open and close tags of your code document of your website Basically it helps and informs the search engine crawlers and bots which content of the website is important Which data to be read and useful for the patient Similarly the title tags are just like the title of the website at the top of the web page It should not be more than 65 characters You can use Keywords in the titles to make search engine easier to locate the content Smaller Contents It means info snacks those content which is easy to scroll sharable deliver the information short and fast in nature It is very useful and helpful for the hasty customers Genuine Content Original and genuine content is necessary and an ultimate thing in the popularity and success of any website It is ideal and always recommended to create a genuine and original content for your website Even if you are engaged in healthcare or medical section still you need to come up with the genuine and useful content Oh Yes Avoid copy and paste because

Google algorithm will immediately identify it and will make your content and website blacklisted With the original and genuine content you will able to present your expertise and values and obviously it will also help in gaining high ranking in the search engine People or readers in this case patients prefer to read blogs videos interviews personal reviews case studies testimonials medical breakthroughs and conversations between the patients and practitioners This will automatically build a platform for your patients and readers and to express their issues In this case live chat live solutions for the problems will make your healthcare website a new dimensions and convenience to the patients as well Remember one thing convenience of the customer is always a priority of the Google algorithm and its bots Relevant Stories for relevant Groups Always target audience according to the information means the targeted audience will get the benefit of the information you have Mobile Interface As this is the era of mobile and tablets so it is ideal to design your website according to mobile and tablet interface The mobile friendly website will help you in getting high ranking in the search engine Comments and Reviews on the Website People acknowledge and follow the reviews and comments on the website whether it is about medicines doctors hospitals or private clinics So try to obtain comments and reviews from the satisfied customers it will strengthen your position and credibility in the web world Marketing Strategies and

Advertisement One important thing to keep in mind always displays such content which is in line with your marketing strategies and advertisement The relevant material provokes and creates a positive image in front of the patient's Own Search Verticals Many healthcare professionals are not aware or following this section that's why they miss the opportunity to rank in the search engine in the healthcare industry If you use additional search bars other than the images videos and other factors then you can get the straight information from the patient and can guide accordingly Pretty awesome Right You can say that it is kind of compulsory thing in a healthcare website This feature will earn you high ranking in search engine For example in the below slide if patient fills out the complete information you can guide and redirect directly to the solution It will be a great convenience as well as a good approach to intimate the patients through proper contact The healthcare website is different but contains many ways through which you can easily earn high ranking in the search engine Addition of Creativity to

Search Engine Optimization To get the clicks from the customers is not easy so you have to make and design plan accordingly to keep alive in the mind of patients The patients then will promote you and remember your practice Sitemap Some people think it's an additional effort to create a sitemap Whereas patients and customers can read the content easily then why it is necessary Well A sitemap is designed for the customer convenience and it is also a good way to guide the search engines bot like Yahoo Google and Bing that which information and which content is available on the website It is recommended to use third party tools to create the sitemap of your website Security against Hackers E patients information security and privacy is the most important aspect of any patient So save and secure your website from the hackers Otherwise the reputational loss to your website will be unimaginable Tracking of User s Clicks and Information

There are lots of software's and tools available on internet which will help you in getting record and track of the user s click Where patient click and how much time he spent on which content This is very useful and keen information which you can use to cater your patients to their interest Conclusion Healthcare and the medical website are a bit different from the other websites The purpose of this website is not to sell any product The main reason is to fulfill and guide the patient according to their need If you are running a medical or healthcare website and your hospital or private clinic appears on the first line of the search engine then it means your website is fully optimized for the SEO If not then you might think and identify all the aspects which you have missed I hope you like this article don t forget to share and like it You can follow us on the Google Facebook Instagram and Twitter for more and interesting articles Please leave your precious comments to enlighten us with your views

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