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In The Metamorphosis the author Franz Kafka illuminates on the difficulty of acceptance The author uses limited perspective primarily focusing on the thoughts feelings actions of the protagonist Gregor Samsa Gregor Samsa is a hard working man who Gregor becomes a traveling salesman in order to pay off his family's debt As he wakes up one morning from unsettling dreams he finds himself transformed into a monstrous vermin and wonders what has happened Kafka 3 He goes back to sleep try to forget what has happened because he thinks it is all a dream When wakes up he gives an effort to roll over only to discover he is stuck on his back because of his new transformation Gregor later on grows a raging urge to itch and attempts to scratch himself he touches himself with one of his new legs and is disgusted with the feeling Finally realizing that this is his new reality Gregor reflects on his life and how miserable he is with the job he has which he would quit if his family did not need the money Despite Gregor s complete physical transformation attempts to try to get up for his family's sake in order to bring in the income

The transformation made it difficult for Gregor to do his daily tasks Gregor s Mother knocked on his door and Gregor realizes his voice changed as well His family just assume that he is ill When his family first saw him they had the same reaction as he when they first saw him in his new transformation They were not very accepting of the event due to not being able to understand why this has occurred They were not accepting him as part of the family due to the change The arduous challenges of accepting conditions out of the ordinary are demonstrated throughout the novella While Gregor struggles to move he hears his office managers voice asking why he has missed I ll be at the office myself right away blurting things out with hardly not knowing what he is saying Kafka 12 Gregor lunges himself slowly toward the door to reveal himself The manager burst out with a loud Oh horrified with Gregor s appearance he runs out their house His father is filled with anger he drives him back to his bedroom His sister Grete tries to take care of her brother she would feed him and clean up He would hide from her afraid that he would frighten her He soon learns that his mother wants to visit him but his father and sister do not allow her His family would not be included in his family discussion and began to listen through the walls As time goes Grete starts to resent Gregor due to the financial situation The cleaning and feeding become minimal Gregor grows comfortable with his new body and start climbing on everything around him for amusement Gregor s family slowly started changing the way they treated him


They started to see him as a burden that the family began to isolate have and began to lock him in his room away from everyone in order not to cause any more trouble for the family The family replaces the maid with a different lady who tolerates Gregor s behavior and from time to time would interact with him With no understanding what Gregor is going through and the family grows tired of the burden of taking care of Gregor and his actions Grete brings up the idea of getting rid of Gregor she no longer refers to Gregor as her brother and refuses to pronounce her brothers name in front of the monster and referring to him as it Kafka 48 His own father would deny that Gregor is his son The family makes the decision that Gregor must die Gregor's father threw apples to try to kill but one forced its way into Gregor s back Kafka 37 His family slowly started to neglect him they wouldn't give him any food Gregor suffered from the pain of the apple in his back for a month before he died No long after his death his family decided to move out Franz Kafka demonstrates how if something cannot be explained or understood human and society tend to not be accepting This is shown throughout the novella When Gregor was transformed into a vermin his family was not very accepting and they did everything in their power to get rid him Gregor no longer was able to work and bring in money the family need Him being alive did not benefit the family and brought a burden to the family with having to take care of him His father was a successful businessman but was not a very good father Kafka worked for an insurance company where he stayed for nearly a year His correspondence during that period witnesses that he was unhappy with his working time schedule Which made it extremely difficult for him to focus on his writing He quit his job in order focus more on his writing but grew sick but never stopped pursuing his works of writing Kafka suffered from clinical depression and social anxiety throughout his entire life and had tuberculosis on top of it all While Kafka was sick he quit his job and was able to focus on his writing which he always wants to pursue

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