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The Middle East has never been a stranger to strife but few armed conflicts in contemporary history if any have amassed as much destruction and death as the Syrian civil war With millions of Syrians forced to become refugees abroad almost half a million civilian casualties and massive infrastructure damage including all 6 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Syria the war waged by Syrian President Bashar al Assad against rebel forces and other belligerents has proved to be the bane of Syria and its neighboring nations The Republic of Iraq is one of them sharing a 600 kilometer long border with Syria to the west The burden the Syrian civil war has placed on Iraqi shoulders has proved to be rather onerous including almost 250 000 Syrian refugees in Iraqi territory 1 and spillover conflicts with Daesh and other terrorist groups The Republic of Iraq is not only facing overcrowded refugee camps by Syrian citizens but it is also facing the Internally Displaced Persons IDPs crisis because of the war and this represented that by 2016 3 035 000 people were forced to leave their homes to avoid the effects of the armed conflict but have not crossed an international border Knowing the circumstances that our citizens faced in 2003 when they were compelled to leave our Republic because of the United States invasion that disturbed the public order of our nation in 2008 the Ministry of Displacement Migration of Iraq wrote a National Policy on Displacement to describe the situation they suffered and its consequences while establishing the rights of the IDPs returnees and refugees allowing us to be more organized on how to face the current displacement situation and refugees influx

In 2010 the same Ministry approved Law 21 2010 to assure the provision of services and assistance to IDPs and foreign refugees and one year later Kurdish authorities granted Syrian refugees children the right to enroll in public schools and adults to work in the region Later on in 2016 the Permanent Committee for Refugees at the Ministry of Interior of Iraq signed the Memorandum of Understanding to assert that refugees are granted the right to seek asylum as the Iraqi Constitution sustains Today the refugee situation in Iraq is better than before but is deteriorating because of the economic crisis that emerged in consequence of the Syrian War reason why the Republic of Iraq has decided to work alongside Egypt Jordan Lebanon and Turkey to resolve the social political and economic discord in regards of refugees by unifying years of research and cooperation between UN humanitarian agencies local governments and NGOs to develop the Regional Refugee Resilience Plan 3RP a comprehensive framework to tackle their needs by framing the situation into sectors and granting the financial requirements to accomplish goals while being supervised by the UN Refugee Agency UNHCR and the UN Development Programme UNDP 

The Republic of Iraq strongly believes the most sustainable solution to the Syrian refugee crisis to be the end of the civil war and the violence that forced people to flee their country in the first place In the meantime however feasible solutions must be offered to the 5 5 million refugees who have escaped Syria already While we do place great value upon innovation the League must first exhaust all existing resources in solving the Syrian refugee crisis before venturing into uncharted territory We consider the path of a refugee to be linear yet multi staged thus we consider the chronology of both the problems and the solutions to be divisible into 4 consecutive phases First the latent phase will tackle the needs of refugees still in camps According to the 3RP 2017 Progress Report the most pressingly unmet needs include providing sexual and gender based violence SGBV services primary healthcare services assistance for the shelter of households sustainable supply of safe water and employment opportunities 2 Second the resettlement phase will serve to transport refugees from overloaded MENA nations to better suited nations in Europe and Latin America which shall be achieved through family reunification and private sponsorship programs

It will be of paramount importance to prioritize refugees according to the UNHCR vulnerability criteria particularly for people with medical conditions torture survivors unaccompanied minors among others Third the integrative phase will oversee the smooth adaptation of refugees in their new homes abroad Medical professional and student visas will be the protagonists here Last the stewardship phase is to safeguard the sustainability of all previous efforts Endeavors to be undertaken here include measures to combat xenophobia and Islamophobia by developing strategies that will encompass social media education and security The Republic of Iraq advocates for the simultaneous application of the aforementioned measures instead of establishing a task force aimed at a military intervention of Syrian territory especially considering the vastly negative repercussions the U S led invasion of 2003 had on Iraq A humanitarian crisis demands humanitarian solutions coupled with military forbearance

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