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The missing flight 370 Malaysia Many have argued is the earth round or flat my theory is that the earth is flat due to gravitational pull covering the earth The round surface never appears on skyline photo s some may say that the earth is round due to space pictures and other shapes of close by planets No one will ever know if the earth is round or flat it could be an optical illusion making the earth appear round far from beyond what is seen by the naked eye or it could feel as if we are driving on a flat surface meanwhile the entire time we are actually going in diameters that are round Have you ever thought about how a plane flies throughout the sky What direction it goes from takeoff to landing I always wondered if a plane flies from the north America to south America is the plane in actuality upside down or is the plane entering into a different dimension As you learn about the law of dimension introduced by Joseph Fourier it creates a thought in your mind as if when you're flying or sailing your entering into another dimension

Many different universities such as University of Florida astrologist team have come up conclusions of evidence on the variable of entering into the fourth dimension from the 3rd scientifically we should not be able to perceive a fourth spatial dimension The common conclusion is that the standard three dimensions of space and one dimension of entering time is at a vast combination with each other studies has been based in the US and the other in Europe the two countries have shown the existence of a fourth dimension by employing some head melting quantum mechanics and laser speed test The teams created two custom designed two dimensional experiments to generate an instance of the quantum Hall effect which restricts the movement of electrons allowing us to both perceive and measure them in a unique way The quantum hall effect points to the existence of a fourth spatial dimension Researchers who studied the effect won the 2016 Nobel Prize for Physics The quantum Hall effect usually manifests itself in the boundary between two materials where electrons can only move in two dimensions When a magnetic field is produced perpendicular to the 2D plane it greatly changes the behavior of electrons which flow through it which can further be manipulated by reducing the temperature and increasing the voltage within the environment

The larger the field and the greater the voltage the more of a role quantum mechanics plays With learning more about the fourth dimension we are going to take a look at the fifth dimension in recent years many have hypothesized that additional dimensions exist which humans have not yet learned to perceive There is as of yet however no agreed upon definition for this fifth dimension as scientists do not yet fully understand it It has been called by many names including space time the space time continuum space time distortion degree and even parallel universes Einstein himself when he first posited a fifth dimension tried to help others visualize it by analogizing the four dimensional universe to a sheet of rubber which can be stretched or squeezed curled or flattened by the unknown force of this fifth dimension Many people have struggled to come up with a conclusion about the fifth dimension by comparing similarities about four dimensional universe as a kind of membrane or membrane surrounding by other verticals and optical realities which different scientific conclusion and forces can be recognized March 8th 2014 an international flight was schedule coming out of Malaysia airlines headed to Beijing flight MH370 took off twenty minutes past midnight disappearing just hours later rouse suspicion

No distress call was made on the plane to notify the airlines of a distress call which made the suspicion grow even more the last know position of the flight was over the Andaman Sea then the entire plane disappeared The aircraft disappeared from air traffic controllers radar screens at 01 22 MYT but was still tracked on military radar as it deviated westwards from its planned flight path and crossed the Malay Peninsula It left the range of Malaysian military radar at 02 22 while over the Andaman Sea 200 nautical miles 370 km north west of Penang in north western Malaysia The aircraft was carrying 12 Malaysian crew members and 227 passengers The conspiracy is that the polite sabotaged the air craft and crashed it into the Asian sea or that a rebellious group of vigilantes went aboard the plan and took the plan over crashing it into the ocean With the major lost 239 on board Malaysia flight 370 is the second deadliest incident involving a Boeing 777 and the second deadliest incident in Malaysia Airlines history Malaysia International Airlines was struggling financially the lack of flight traffic declined the ticket sales after the major scare of the disappearance of Flight 370 and the tragic gunning of Flight 17 Malaysia airline was nationalized by the end of 2014 Malaysian government gave no signs of reaching out to make significant search or fund the operation to further the search so in part it received heavy criticism Failing to disclose information promptly during the early weeks of the search made speculation grow with the situation Flight 370 s disappearance brought to public attention round the world many people reading articals about what happended grew fear of flying and the result of that limited the aircraft tracking and flight recorders Personally I believe that the flight entered into a different dimension escaping earth or reality as we know it No debris was found not a one signal from the plane was recorded after learning about the different dimension of the earth anything could be possible

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