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Introduction The Moon is Earth's only satellite The Moon is in orbit around the Earth which orbits around the sun Other planets like Jupiter have multiple satellites orbiting around it however Earth only has one So how did the Moon end up orbiting Earth How was the moon even created There are many theories but the 5 main ones include the capture fission co formation colliding planetesimals and giant impact Capture Capture is a theory that implies the moon was created elsewhere possibly around another planet and got captured in the Earth's orbit Many other moons were created this way Mars moons are both asteroids created somewhere else in space and later caught in orbit There are multiple holes in this theory considering it does not tell where the moon originated only how it came into orbit with Earth It also is unlikely considering how similar the makeup of Earth and its Moon are This similarity suggests both were made in the same place with the same materials Wall Fission

This theory was formed by the son of Charles Darwin in the 1800s This theory suggests the moon originated from Earth itself The theory says the Moon was ejected from the Earth It implies the Earth was spinning so fast the moon was shot out but not far enough to escape Earth's orbit This was thought to happen in the very beginning of the formation of the solar system Many other researchers find this theory unlikely because the Earth would not have been moving fast enough to eject the moon Other researchers further explored this theory and are saying that a nuclear explosion may have had the power to shoot out a Moon like rock into Earth's orbit Wall Co Formation This theory suggests that the Moon and the Earth were created at the exact same time It states that both were made at the same place with the same materials This theory makes up for some of the holes in the theory of the Captured Moon providing information on why the two are so similar in structure and surface ie both are rocky structures not gaseous It also explains why the moon is where it is It does not however explain the multiple differences between the two

There is a major difference in density between Earth and its moon which should not be the case if the Earth and Moon were created with the same core like the theory suggests Further research suggests two objects crashed into each other and then re collided to form the Earth The remaining dust and debris around the Earth collided to form the Moon which explains both the similarities and the differences between the two Redd Colliding Planetesimals Researchers who came up with this theory suggest that the moon was formed from the debris left from Planetesimals crashing into each other Planetesimals are the building blocks of making a planet it's found in the making of Earth Mars and many other planets in our solar system This theory has multiple holes including the similarities between the materials and the location of the moon Wall Giant Impact This theory somewhat like the expansion of the co formation theory suggest that a collision is the origin of the Moon The idea is that an object crashed into the early formation of the Earth In the early solar system when the Earth first began to form many other objects were forming that never fully became planets

One of the objects being formed known as Theia could have collided with the Earth After the collision materials and dust from the early Earth were ejected and then pulled together around the object that collided with Earth to form the moon This theory provides reason for the difference in density between the two as well as the similarity in materials It also gives an explanation as to why the Earth is located where it is This is considered the least flawed theory and seemed to be the most believed as the actual origin The theory still struggles with how similar the Earth and Moon are when the moon should be made up mostly of the material Theia is made of which was thought to be much different than Earth however later studies uncovered Earth and Theia may not be as different as previously assumed which leaves the theory with little to no flaw Redd Conclusion In conclusion the five leading theories each had different struggles and strong suits The origin of the moon is still indefinite and to this day is being further researched and theorized Despite the multiple holes in many of the theories the giant impact theory included a lot of solid research and was the least flawed Although the theory is still being researched it is believed by many researchers as the actual origin of the moon

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