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The movie Tapped directed by Jason Lindsay examines the multiple roles of the bottled water industry and its effects on the health of its consumers as well as its contribution to climate change pollution and more reliance on oil The EPA does not live up to their standards because pollution of plastic water bottles is becoming more of a pressing issue on the environment to the Southern beach of U S which is covered in trash washup sand now made up of plastic instead of rock and corral and large patches of plastic pollutions in our oceans such as the Central Gyre which is the Eastern Garbage Patch These water bottle companies are not only polluting the earth but the chemicals in these plastic bottles have also shown to be linked to childhood diabetes obesity breast cancer prostate cancer liver ovarian uterus low sperm count ADHD There is very little monitoring of the quality of the water being put into plastic water bottles and the lack of results to testing is due to water bottle companies testing their own products and not being required to publish their test results in which the EPA does not efficiently produce the damaging results that the plastic chemicals have on its consumers In fact tap water is more highly regulated than public bottled water in which they are not not regulated if in state The chemicals being produced into the air and soil with the production of water bottles are damaging the health of communities that are nearby water bottle producing plants In Flint Hills many community members have had serious damage to their health just by living near the plant and are not able to complain about the health violations that the companies choose to ignore For example Flint Hills Environmental agencies could only write violations after a complaint has been filed Tapped

The use of these chemicals such as Benzene the product in plastic water bottles causes detrimental health effects to consumers such as cancer and birth defects while also contaminate local and nearby ground water air soil The EPA does not abide to the violations that the companies know that they are breaking by producing chemicals into the air and soil and the population near these plants pay in their health and lives Another standard that the EPA does not follow is producing enough recycling capacity There are only being paid by municipalities which are the cities expenses and not the water bottling companies so that the water bottle companies do not have to pay for any resources for recycling Due to the lack of resources for proper recycling much of the trash ends up not being recycled and detrimentally pollutes the ocean that causes detrimental effects the environment For example an estimate of 50 of Americans don't have curbside recycling Tapped This other 50 of recycling has no opportunity to make it to the recycling and eventually ends up in the ocean The EPA sees curbside recycling as easy accessible to citizens however half of Americans do not have the opportunity to recycle since they do not have curbside recycling and there are no other way of recycling other than curbside 

The EPA has shown that they do not care enough to supply proper resources to recycling and therefore are not living to the standards in which they state that their recycling process is easily accessible to everyone In an experiment conducted to see the effects of the chemicals in water bottles on people testing was conducted which resulted in the findings Testing a dose 25 000 times lower than anybody had ever tested and what we found was that it profoundly damaged every single part of male developing mouse reproductive system Tapped The test results concluded that the chemicals found in the water bottles had damaged every single aspect of the reproductive system on the developing mouse These results can conclude that it is not safe for consumers to be drinking from water bottles anymore Even after the testing dose was lowered significantly there is indisputable detrimental health factors which result in consuming water out of plastic water bottles When it comes the the multiple large corporation water bottle companies they have absolute dominion which means that the largest pump gets the most water from where they are mining water 

The water that they are taking from the reservoirs is where these corporations making millions of dollars because they pump the water for free and then resell it making a sizable profit off of stealing water from small communities For example In Fryeburg Maine Nestles Arrowhead comes in to the local Water Mine and made 3 6 billion dollars in 2008 in water sales Nestle Bought land and started pumping water is free and then sells it It costs 5 11 cents a gallon They sell it for 4 bucks a gallon Tapped These water bottle companies have treated free water in small communities and reservoirs as a commodity which has eventually lead to their corporate ownership of water in which people need to stop supporting these companies stealing free water and profiting off of these unsafe product for consumers There is evident detrimental health issues that consuming water from plastic water bottles has on citizens however the EPA continuously ignores this issue that they stimulate which is becoming an urgent problem on the environment and on its consumers

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