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The multidisciplinary nature of fine art is what I love most about the subject I like to keep an open mind in regards to mediums and techniques as I tend to take an experimental approach to my work Recently I have been working on a project which I have the theme of identity I ve tried to break apart the different elements which make us human and exploring them For example I asked friends and family if they could show me where they feel most themselves and completely comfortable and then took a photograph of them These series of photos revealed to me a small part of each of their characters which I loved as it is small details like this which make us who we are I have really loved exploring the more intimate aspects of identity such as who we are behind closed doors During my art foundation course I have built up my skills and experimented with different elements of art and design which I hadn't explored prior I have developed a love for photography and have learnt how to best use the facilities to fit my style For example I like to experiment with abstract methods of photography such as creating photograms and chemograms which I like to incorporate into my collages or drawings I have made a couple of short video clips which I continue to enjoy making as I love the 4D element it brings to my work I mostly focus on capturing simple but beautiful moments combining them together to create a series of clips which capture the essence of what

I was seeing and sensing at the time The socio political context of art is of great interest to me as I love seeing work which spreads and create awareness for issues within society this is something I hope to do within my own work For example in the 1960 s where the Vietnam War was at its height one of my favourite artists Yayoi Kusama became an activist for love and peace by combining her art with social demonstrations I find it interesting that she did this by counteracting the violence and bloodshed of war with staging naked group performances where she covered her participants with her signature polka dots and emphasising the importance of love forever This made me think not only about the motive behind my own work but also the idea of using the human body as a canvas Artist Monica Kim Garza creates quirky illustrations which inspire women of all races and ethnicities to feel good about themselves and embrace their bodies Her work is influential to me because I too am interested in feminist artwork and am passionate about work which empowers women and evokes feelings of self love Her drawing style is unique and less about being perfect or proportionate which I feel I can relate to a lot in my own personal drawing style Garza s work was really influential for me in my print workshop where I really focused in on the female body

I created a series of lino prints which feature simple silhouettes of the female figure I love how minimalistic and fresh the outcomes are I have had work experience in fashion for Eki Orleans in London which I worked with the designer herself and picked up useful skills on how a business is run Hazel is dedicated to running a sustainable and ethically run business which is important to me as this is the way all fashion brands should aim to be run She only works with silk which is a natural and biodegradable fabric to ensure minimal damage is done to the environment once the garment reaches the end of its cycle The fabrics are printed in China with a lady the designer has known for years and they have a mutual understanding of the importance of sustainability All the production of garments happens in Hazels London studio which ensures no wastage which again I think is super important in our society where actively making more eco friendly choices is essential Not only does Hazel have great values she also intends her designs and clothes to empower women and make them feel good which is so important I have a part time job at the Co Op as a customer service assistant which has helped me develop confidence and communication skills along with more financial independence My role includes tasks such as handling money operating a till stock control and replenishment I am really looking forward to the course as I believe it will assist me in reaching my potential I am really looking forward to joining the course and can t wait to experiment with the broad range of facilities available which will aid me in reaching my potential I think the course will help me keep growing as not only as an artist but also as a person

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