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The mysterious events of July 15th By Andrew A Laypath It all started about 2 weeks ago on June 21 2016 I was eating dinner with my sister Jessica and my parents I was eating my favorite food mac n cheese when my mom said I hope you don't have any plans for July Me and my sister said why My mom told us that we would be going to Washington for the entire month of July I asked her where we were staying She answered me Your uncle Steve s place I haven't seen him since I left for collage and he just invited us over I was planning to go to Karen Johnson s big summer party She always has amazing parties and this was the first year I was invited It was going to be awesome I told my mom Why do we have to go she told me It will be fun anyways you haven't left this dirty city since you were 13 So I gave in knowing it would be useless to argue A few days later we left for Washington It would be a thirty minute ride to the airport After that we would transfer planes at Texas Then it is Washington from there The entire plane ride was about 7 hours in all We got there at 9 00PM and went straight to bed In the morning I discovered that my uncle is weird He uses orange juice instead of milk in his cereal he doesn't wear pants and he curses way more then my little sister should hear She ll probably learn some fun new words today It was July 15th I decided I will get to the bottom of why he was weird 

I went upstairs to his room and looked around I found a chest in his closet I walked closer and closer then I heard it Hey you are you snooping around I turned around and saw my pants less uncle staring at me I ran for my life I ran and ran hoping my uncle wouldn't catch up When I found I was far away from my uncle and he wouldn't find me I rested I asked around town about him questions like Do know of a Steve Barnaby or Do you know anything about Steve Barnaby s past One guy said I know about his past come inside and I will tell you If only I didn't go inside If only I knew what that man would do if only His house was all purple and black There were cats everywhere All the cats were missing their left eye So was that man I asked him why all the cats had only one eye He said because I ate their eyes He grabbed me and tied me to a chair Those little cats can never follow my rules it isn't that hard all they have to do is never run away and never meow But I will tell you about your uncle How did you know he is my uncle I said Because I have been friends with Steve for 19 years Your uncle is a murderer he killed your aunt Bertie because she got to loud he said I tied you to this chair so you have to promise me you won't tell your uncle who told you this or he will kill me and you I was in shock how was my uncle a killer I mean he seems like a nice guy a little weird but a nice guy I arrived at my uncle Steve s house he smiled at me and said I know where you have been 

You ve been to Will s house haven't you I tried to say no I went to the store to get candy who s Will I said Where's the candy He said You ve been asking questions He said You know what I did he said I saw he was holding a gun in his pocket I punched him in the face and ran for my life I heard him yelling You know what's in the box he didn't wait for me to answer It is her body When I got into town it was already nine o'clock I went up to the desk and said to them man Uncle Steve killed aunt Bertie I said fast Slow down kid the man said My uncle Steve murdered my aunt Bertie 6 years ago I said Okay we will go and investigate said the man When they got to my house it was crazy police sirens everywhere Yelling things like Get him or get in the car we got him I felt relieved he would be rotting in jail for the rest of his life Epilogue We went home three weeks early I finally did get to go to Karen s party My sister hasn't been the same ever since I think she will be scarred for life She went to therapy for weeks no one can help her I had to go to therapy too My parents are just pretending that nothing happened This is now classified as the worst summer ever We all blame my mom for this When we got back to school I told my friend what happened Do you know what he said Well that sucks He stinks This is fifteen years later and my sister is still a little off She may never be okay again She is just depressed all the time It is weird one time we went to Disney Land and she just sat on a bench I ve never mentioned this to my wife Karen Johnson now Karen Byers My name is Jeffery Byers and this is my story

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